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In Topic: Backyard Genius [Game Idea] What You guys think of:

17 April 2014 - 02:21 PM


I see you are going with a simple funny comical look. It's great. Keep going for it, and devote all of your game to that feel. Don't be afraid to name the possible inventions or research topics as wacky and dumb/ironic/satiric as you can think of 


Interresting idea. I will stick to that, thanks smile.png



Presumably, the total possible inventions a player can discover is going to depend on the number of recipes that you, Zennoya, can think of and put into the game. What happens when the player discovers them all or otherwise hits the top of the technology tree? Are you planning on allowing the player to continue to play in the sandbox and if so, what would the player do? (A congratulatory Game Over ending would of course work well too.)


Total possible invention is going to depend on how much i can think of, but as Ive said before, i want to keep all recipes in XML files (or something like that), so they can be modded, improved, and expanded by players too. After reaching the goal i plan to make some "congratulation" window with "Continue or Quit" option, at least at the early state of the game.


Presumably, the total possible inventions a player can discover is going to depend on the number of recipes that you, Zennoya, can think of and put into the game. What happens when the player discovers them all or otherwise hits the top of the technology tree? Are you planning on allowing the player to continue to play in the sandbox and if so, what would the player do? (A congratulatory Game Over ending would of course work well too.)


Yeah, it would be great, but dunno if i manage to do so. It would be quite easy to draw about 20 most important invention graphics and combine them depending on progress, but dunno how to work it out with xml modifications of research tree (if player change some of those 20 inventions, game can "lie" about who received that invention, right?) I need to think about it how to resolve it, because i really like the idea.


And for addition - main menu screen graphics (bigger one in my gallery):


In Topic: Backyard Genius [Game Idea] What You guys think of:

17 April 2014 - 05:57 AM

I don't think the game is too complex and huge - i may even say that ist quite easy, because even with big content its still procedural, and repeatable. It also depends in what order I will code it -> first I want to make it playable at all, and then expand, so priority for me is to make backyard digging, building, equipment placing etc fully working, so it will be playable in the simplies manner. Next thing i want to add is to add researching engine, and enable player to do researches and sell blueprints (no prototype building yet). After that im going to make graphics for all workstations, and fully expand research engine, including keeping all techs with requirements, workstations needed, materials needed, base time, base price etc in xml files, so it will both make it easier for me to expand tech tree, and give players basic modding possibility. At this point game should be quite playable and even give some fun, to player. As You see to this point its not as much as it seems, while still beeing playable and giving some fun.


Later on harder work starts -> adding factions, diplomacy, events, robberies, game goals, prototypes etc. And yes, I agree here - it will be huge amount of time to write it, but maybe at that point i will both have more experience in game making, and maybe i wont be alone anymore too.

In Topic: Backyard Genius [Game Idea] What You guys think of:

17 April 2014 - 03:31 AM

Only games I made at this moment are some platformers I made with friend on IT classes at school, and some dirt digging ant game to learn what Unity can and how 3d and 2d voxels works and thats all about games Ive did, but... I may not have experience in games, and maybe Im a bit overambitious, but as Ive said before I have experience in both coding ( i work for over 6 years as full time developer ), and graphics ( i made a lot of sprites for friends, also a lot of graphics for websites, etc.). 

Because of my experience Ive chosen to make game like that which does not require 3d graphics (which obviously i have no practice with so its nearly impossible for me to make), not as much 2d graphics, to overflow my possibilities (and obviously if it will be possible im going to use some free art too instead of drawing everything myself, but main character is quite required to be mine), and as little action/pathfinding/AI code as possible. Ive chosen approche where I can use my code skills (so mainly statistics, research algorythms etc, but it would be boring without some lab building right?).


Also I don't mind is someone dev or artist would like to join me in this project, but I suppose that the fact that someone joins me at the state of "idea" is more unrealistic than that i will finish it alone, right?


And thats how Corporations, Army and Mafia representatives at Diplomacy will look (it was made using Mark layers, so it looks similar, and time efford to make it was only like 20 mins each):


In Topic: Backyard Genius [Game Idea] What You guys think of:

17 April 2014 - 01:21 AM

I'm assuming that there is a main goal: Reach X amount of money within Y time.


Maybe in some other game modes - scenarios or something there will be time limit, but Im not planning it in main game, but it doesnt mean that You have unlimited amount of time. What I want to achieve is a world invention timeline, because Youre not the only inventor in the world right? If You will be lazy, than someone else can invent some fuel, engine, bacteria or energy source before You, and You wont receive any cash for it. Your inventions can also affect world timeline, because your inventions will speed the timeline too -> this makes game more flexible, because You need to choose -> "Do I need money now, or maybe I'll keep my invention on my PC.. but they may be stolen, or invented by someone else" etc. So no clear time limit there, but depending what You do it can happen, that at some point of game, reaching the amount money to win is not possible to be achieved anymore, and You wont even know about it. But possibility of winning stays with "Glory" way -> Donating a lot of inventions to Society wont bring You much profit but You can win "Hobel Prize" (dunno if its legal to use Nobel Prize name ingame, so I decided to call it this way). 


Once a player achieves this goal, what are some of the incentives for them to try other ways to achieve this goal instead of playing it the same way every time because that way is the guaranteed win. Is there some end-game contents that the player can do?


Hmm, I hope that main incentive will be that he likes the game, and want to explore the tech tree, and try to winning different way. As the goal of the game is not "reach tech xxx" and I want the tech tree to be quite expanded (at least more than civilisation and xcom research trees together), so theres multiple way You can win, and the victory doesnt uncover whole tech tree. Also finding easy way, and using it always to achieve victory isnt so simple because a lot of stuff is going to be randomized -> global invention timeline i wrote before, robbery attemps, and even inventions cause to simulate unpredictability of inventions i wanted to set time of each research to base + random (from 0 to me base). This way, there wont be two same games.



Are there missions? Or is it very open (players get to do whatever they want at any given time)?


Basicaly its open and player can do whatever they want, BUT still remembering that world wont wait for them with its own inventions. And i plan some "Scenarios" later on, but as a different game mode. Maybe some zombie strike at Your lab, where You need to find a cure, before they reach You, or some space station rescue, where You need to build Your spaceship prototype fast. etc. But as Ive said - when the main game mode is finished.



It sounds kind of interesting, but hard to see how it would play out. There are different directions you could go. For example if you can build new labs in different locations, then you could have factors such as moving to hide from your enemies, differences in resource availability in different areas, different legal restrictions, etc. Or if there's a component of the game outside the lab you would have the risk/reward choice of using the inventions yourself vs selling them. Perhaps risks of other inventors stealing or reverse-engineering your tech, protecting yourself from cheap knock-offs, other inventors beating you to the punch, etc.


At this stage Im not planning to add any areas with different legal restrictions -> only Your backyard. Hiding from enemies is basicaly to hide underground with covered enterance or use your inventions to protect Yourself (Set traps maybe - but still thinking about it - dont want this game to be too much "action style"). Also in this times "robbery" doesnt need to be direct strike - You also need to think what computer You use, is it connected to internet (the one You use for buying stuff needs to be - can You afford another one, or risk some hacker attack?), how deep it is etc, - or You can keep Your most important discoveries in Your pocket (using pendrive - thats why theres only 5 inventory spaces ;) ). And about legal restrictions, resource avability - as Ive partialy said it before i want to resolve that by factions that youre selling your inventions too. F.e. making weapons is illegal... until You sell it to government or have good relations with them. Some resources prices would depends on relations with corporations, and terrorists can help you protecting Your backyard by sending You couple of armed hitmens. I plan to make diplomacy tab to manage faction relations, their awardness and enable some actions you can do to affect those, other than just selling them your inventions. Also they dont like each other (terrorists and government, corporations and society etc). About of addign some outside lab minigames or missions where you use Your inventions.. why not, but it will be at very end, when main game engine will be finished, and game will be already playable I can add those to improve gameplay - not all at a time.


BTW i finished drawing Mark, and started to make animations for him -> he will look this way:



In Topic: Retro Hacker Game

18 June 2013 - 05:36 PM

Hmm, it will be a bit more realistic if using command prompt instead of graphical panels, and i think i would try it at least, but im sceptic. Uplink also has possibility to write commands in command prompt, but players dont use it, cause it takes too much time, while youre traced.

I think that to find players You need to decide which audience You want to set this too. Players who would like a command prompt would probably demand very realistic commands and actions, and its hard to achieve if you havent hacked too much in your life (I think HackThisSite.org made some programming cometition to make realistic hacking game - you can check it out). Others would probably think that writing in prompt is boring and wont even try.

If I were you, with idea to make hacking game i would rather make it like uplink, with graphic etc, but added some features that arent avalible there and a bit more "on time" -> hacking clone of facebook, or posting fake "tweets" to discredit someone, or even hacking personal computers with trojans to steal data/pictures and blackmail someone. Also contracts with police to track other hackers and so on..


So in short. In my opinion "retro hacking" doesnt tell if i would play it or not. Quality of quests there, maybe some main plot if planned, or some nice career mode "from zero to hack hero" would tell if someone would play it or not. Worth trying.