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Backyard Genius [Game Idea] What You guys think of:

16 April 2014 - 07:53 AM

at beginning something about me and idea history -> I work as developer in business company, creating mostly business software and tools, and Im very passionate about games. Im playing a lot, and have a lot of ideas, and I want to start game developing too (but only in small scale - mostly to learn). I already had some ideas about games, and I even posted one here before, but after my eyes were opened by community, about game beeing too complex, similar games i didnt knew already on market etc, Ive dropped the project. And now I have new idea, so I wanted to know Your opinion of it. At this moment game is in very early stage, but Ive started making textures, coding and planning tech tree. Please tell me what You think of this game concept, and tell me what would You change, and do not hesitate to criticize it too.
The idea of came on, after playing a lot of strategy games - when playing games like f.e. XCom series ones, i realized that at some point I save the game, and start skipping tactical missions, and the plot too just to uncover all the reseach tree - to see how big it is, what it gives me, how my players equipment will change and so on. And I thought "What if there would be a game, when the research is main goal of game, not only part of other game?". So I decided to make such project myself (if there is such game please tell me its name - i will be happy to play it biggrin.png ).
Story is quite short - You are Mark Glassberg. Mark is a genius, that just recently lost another job, because Your way of "free thinking" did not fit to corporation employee lifestyle. You dedided, that You will be corporation slave no more, and You earn fame, glory and a lot of cash "Your way". 
The game is about doing researches, and inventions. Your goal is to get Glory (by making several humanity breakthroughs) or Power (by making super/hiper mega combat suit like Ironman did ;), or some mind control equipment, or different stuff that most of movie/game evil characters try to do. Or just earn a lot lot lot of money, cause money is power too). But its not so simple. At beginning You have only your backyard, and a garage with old desk. You can earn cash in couple ways - mostly by inventing stuff, and selling blueprint or prototype. You obviously earn more cash by prototype, but it take resources and require tools to make those.
- You invent stuff if different areas -> chemistry, biology, energy, drives, materials, tools (Ive already started tech tree of those, but still expanding), and they often require each other to be invented (f.e. to make some drive you need both to invent materials to build them, and a fuel for them using chemistry, and to make some fuels you need to do a lot of research both in chemistry and biology tech tree).
- Ofcourse You cant invent "miracly appearing materials" -> you need to buy them, or make them from something, using some tools, so You are spending the cash too). Also most of experiments/inventions requires a lot of stuff to be analyzed, f.e. in botany sometimes You have to analyze a plant which You can buy easly for 2$, and sometimes You require plant from rainforest, which costs couple thousands, and You have to wait long time until delivery will reach You). 
- You need to watch what inventions You are publishing, cause some inventions can be illegal (like drugs, weapons etc). You can ofcourse sack them.. wasting all effords, or leave them for later. Its Your choice anyway. 
- You need to cover/hide/protect Your lab, cause even if Your invention is legal, and You are not protected enough (both legaly and phisicaly), some people may be interested in getting them from you. Government can try to steal your weapon projects, oil companies can try to steal your fuel/energy projects, terrorists can try to steal some of your biology/chemistry projects etc.
- Ive already started to make engine using Unity, and at this moment game is sited at 2d voxel (terraria,craft the world, signs of life style) backyard map with garage, with digging option -> You can both build Your lab up, or dig it down (preffered options for safety, and illegal operations), but other than terraria style games, you cant build lab made of dirt only (and you rather wont have enough trees at your backyard, and rather wont dig any metals or oil there too) - you need to buy building materials which costs a lot, and get rid of dirt while digging while it costs even more. Ofcourse you can store dirt too, but Your backpacks can hold max 5 items), and its effective only at beginning, while you dont have anything else at Your backyard.
- Your inventions can have different customers (Government, Large Companies, Terrorists, Mafia/Drug Dealers, Ecologysts, or donate it for Society too). Decision You make can affect how much cash You get, but also affect consequences, and affect who and how much is tracing your progress and spy what Youre working on.
I think its all what i want to tell at this moment (or Ive just forgot some things i wanted to tell). Please tell me what You think about this idea, and is it game that You would like to play if it will be created someday.

Starship blueprint/idea needed

12 June 2013 - 04:05 AM

Hello there,

Few days ago I've started writing my own game. Its space simulation/strategy game, but a bit different than most of those on market -> instead of standard shooting/trading game with minor ship ugprades options its fully about starship management. Player will become captain of the ship, he will be moving around it, like Sheppard on Normandy in Mass Effect, or Player on Ebony Hawk in Knight of the Old Republic, and only decide where to fly, and what to do (not piloting it himself) with a lot of crew management, storage management, rich research tree, and upgrade possibilities, but only with limited space (Player cannot enlarge the ship). Trading, Ground missions etc will be only an events which player can trigger, and manage, but not take part in them himself.

I've started making this game using Ogre3D engine and C#, already did the moving character (without textures yet), and a research console where i started writing of research engine (it will be quite uniqe).


I would llke you guys and girls if you ofcourse could help me, to draw a basic blueprint of a ship (it doesnt need any technical skills, just a bit of imagination - it also doesnt need to have exact sizes - just overall idea where is which room, and how to travel between them. Below i wrote all rooms that will be required. Game will be freeware and opensource, so for the author of blueprint that i will use in a game i cant offer more than beeing listed in game credits, but I hope someone will help anyway smile.png


Rooms required:

Control Room (bridge),


Engine Room (or more if f.e. engines will be on both sides of ship),

O2 Recycling Room,

H2O Recycling Room,

O2 Tanks,

H2 Tanks,

Fuel Tanks,

Ship enterance,



Captains Quaters,

Crew Quaters,


Storerooms (at least 8, and at least one must be large enough to fit a shuttle later in a game).


If it will be more than one level ship, than also stairs or/and elevator. Please dont do more than 3 levels of a ship - I don't want it to be too large.


If someone don't want to draw a ship, but want to make some addition what kind of room is not listed here and can be required at a starship or any other suggestions, i also would be grateful for sharing..


Regards and sorry for my English, 


Business programming vs Game programming

19 April 2013 - 01:51 AM


Few months ago i started writing storyline of game I want to make (some tactical rpg/strategy a bit similar to xcom series). The thing is that i know programing (i work as ABAP developer for over 6 years, also having some knowledge of C#, VB and pascal programming), so i know how to make a logic of a game, but graphics, textures etc, are quite a different story (last time i did something with graphic in my coding was 2d platform game in pascal language like 10 years ago).

So I wanted to ask You guys, how you solve this? Where do You get animations, textures etc? Are there some freeware databases or You cooperate with some other ppl that can do graphics? How this can be arranged etc. Also is it better at beginning of making games to use some freeware game engines (if so, does anyone know some nice isometric game engine?), or to write it from beginning?