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In Topic: My Graphics:3D Characters!

17 September 2013 - 05:44 AM



Only thing I can think of (If this is a unique character / one that's meant to stand out), is have something small but flashy..

Like a card (or note?) sticking outta his hat, or maybe even a small engraving on the end-metal-part of his belt.

In Topic: Ingame Bank Interest

09 September 2013 - 12:57 AM

There's also the difference between getting a lump sum of money and getting an income stream. IRL, $30K will get you about a day's pay every month in interest. About twenty of those will set the average American free from the need to work for a living.


My idea would lead to the interest being calculated per day/week. This means they will get the money at that time, and not over a longer period.


So the interest will be calculated with whatever is in their bank account at that time, and deposited in.

This would lead the game to having an income stream.


But, the deeper we get into this, the less secure I feel about having money for free (wintertime) - as this wouldn't add value to the game.

However, if the global currency starts at $1000000, and there are 10 players, this money would need to be split evenly between companies and players.

If more players start the game, more money needs to be added to this global repository.


In my mind, this 'free money' would do just that. So the user would be added to the game with a set amount of money, and interest will take care of the rest.

In Topic: Ingame Bank Interest

05 September 2013 - 01:25 PM

Interesting read, Mratthew..


I'll definitely look into making the bank element much less of a hassle than it is.

I don't like the idea of the game rewarding you because you get to play more than me...


The reason you need to come back (primarily) is so that you can keep your account secure, trace-back any hacking attempt, or hack something for yourself.

If I have life commitments, that shouldn't be a punishable offence (saying that because you have commitments, the game will not reward you in any way).


Although, as you said, I do need to challenge a person when they DO play.

A harmony needs to be found - might just take some trial and error...


The user will be able to play as a protagonist (now), and as a company in future releases of the game. I have been finding ways of connecting users to their character, but so far have only found ways in a very base level..


Thanks again for your input, some very valid points you have there.

In Topic: Ingame Bank Interest

05 September 2013 - 08:51 AM

Banks will have fees (per month or day - depending on interest calculation), as well as transaction fees.


The game has a very real RTS element, but the wait to do things will vary among users.

I agree with interest caps. We can't have someone with a remarkably high bank account to buy anything just off the interest he receives.


There is no actual reward system for logging in at a certain time (although interest IF you logged in within a day sounds good), other than protecting yourself against the very real danger of another player.


I have no idea about bank capitalization or other forms besides standard interest.. So if someone wouldn't mind explaining just how to do so...


I've written a backround story for the game here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/647160-newsretention-background-story-need-feedback/

If that will help bring some clarity to what I'm doing.

In Topic: NewsRetention: Feedback on the concept

28 August 2013 - 12:28 AM

Constructive feedback? That isnt a flame..? Thats a good start in any book :)


I've just posted a link (On top of the original post) that leads to a writeup of the story. I think that it may provide some clarity on the outcome.

But for simplicity, the 'outcome' is ~anything~. It can be a document, or a bar of platinum. The story will explain it further.


Yes, you are correct. Templates are merely data holders. Anyone can have and use them, for different purposes.


In the initial release of the game, players can only be protagonists. However, not too long after, a user can choose to start and manage a company of their own.

A company can be run by multiple people pooling their resources together - This will add dynamics of very well set protagonists buying shares into companies.


A 'user' is what all players will start off as. This paves a way for everyone to start equally, and have the same opportunities. Banks can provide whatever initial resources a player may need in the beginning.

Companies and Protagonists differ from themselves only by the way they play.

For a company, it can be that they offer very cheap services. Or one may be more secure than the other. Some companies can process faster than others, while some may be in 'better' standings with The Hall.


For protagonists, it will all be about the style of their play, how much disposable income and information they have, and how long they've been a member of The Hall for.



I need to say that I'm not expecting players to pay per month, pay for ​worthwhile/game changing upgrades, or pay for any penalties. I am creating this purely because I can, and because I love creating things for the community. IF players feel they want to give me any sort of monetary contribution (Which will primarily and foremost go toward upgrading the look, feel, and general style of the game, they will be able to donate **whatever amount** they feel is right.


For commitment, and based on my previous rant, the user isn't forced to play 24/7 just to get anywhere. Due to The Hall's rating system, a user is however needed to put in the appropriate amount of time to get anywhere worth being.

Smaller jobs will be based on a 'single player' feel. It'll be dispensed by bots, and there may even be repeats. This is until user-run companies come into play.


The game is mainly governed by the players. While technically you can leave the game for a year without fear of loosing your account, I cannot promise some hacker never tried to break into it and take your money / information. You will be able to purchase some security though, if you feel you need to go on a 6 week holiday.

There will be no game-based penalty for not playing.

I dont believe that just because you've logged into the game for 6 days straight that you deserve a reward that could potentially overpower you. Any reward system will be based on jobs done, and how The Hall feels.




I am fully open to (non game breaking) ideas that I can incorporate.