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In Topic: I read the articles about how to dive into game dev but still in a dilemma

25 April 2013 - 01:46 AM

Thank you for the answers :D.

In all honesty I lean towards the part that I wish to be a programmer. I truly enjoyed programming in high school and would like to learn some language that would help me in game development. I have a small project (a few maps) already made in VX (it's not complete, but it's there) and in GM:Studio I have a few sprite holders and a simple blocking mechanic. Also I read (and have coded) half of the book that I bought about Android game dev. So I fiddled with everything and still I'm not sure on what to focus. I got GM:Studio just so that I can create a simpler game then a RPG.


I would like to make a simple game that people would enjoy playing. If I can make some money from selling it, GREAT. If not, no worries, at least people are playing it.