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In Topic: [SOLVED] Where to get a Font Sheet for Direct3D 11 use?

Today, 01:28 AM

Thanks RnaodmBiT.

I somehow missed the .tga file being generated because it generated in a folder with lots of crap; and that you can change it to .dds or .png in the export settings.

I see, so I select a set of characters and export it. Doing so will provide me with the actual graphical file and a descriptor file to parse the information about extracting the graphical characters from the .dds/.png/.tga.


In Topic: What is a browser?

Today, 01:10 AM

"Usage of another language means that another language is used, so is that the reason that you cannot agree to my statement that only one language is used?"

I'm having trouble explaining/clarifying to you guys so I'm dumbing the language down to basic logic.

Did you seriously skip the whole article, looking for the first link? The fact that it uses Cairo is irrelevant: it is what it does, not how.

What article? And how does it do whatever it does?

What if I told you that window toolkits like GTK+ don't need to and probably don't use OpenGL/Direct3D? 3D hardware rendering is unnecessary.

So what you are saying is speed from a GPU is not crucial to GTK+ and the like so it uses Software rendering instead. Again you are putting an emphasis that Software rendering a basic third option to those two APIs?



While they likely do use DirectX and OpenGL on some level, they don't have to. They could've just as easily done their rendering in SDL or any other graphics library.

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D.

So it's kind of the same thing, just a wrapper.



You are misunderstanding DirectX and OpenGL.
If that's the case then I'm struggling to figure out what they are. The way I see it they are the two main Common Denominators for Graphics that actually render(in the sense that it's not CPU/software rendering but using a GPU). Am I wrong, what the deal here?
Cairo is just a software rendering API isn't it?

Direct3D/OpenGL are potential rendering APIs that "can" be used for rendering, but they are not necessary.
C++, Python, JAVA, C# etc, are programming languages that "can" provide the functionality.
I'd take it that C++ and other language are used as long as it's convenient, simple as that.
What I'm interested in is the First sentence, yet again this question arises based on the fact that I don't know(see the above question in reply to 'Servant of the Lord'), why is it not necessary, is it because software rendering(a.k.a no GPU/CPU rendering) is another choice or is there something else? I am interested in the context of browsers actually displaying stuff, not text-based browsers.


In Topic: What is a browser?

Yesterday, 06:51 PM

The entire first page answered every possible interpretation of your question, EVEN AFTER YOU CHANGED IT. At this point, perhaps you're just trolling?

No, it's either I lack understanding(which is why I'm asking for help in the first place) or I'm failing to get my point across. And it's hard to tell the difference between hose two because it can go both ways.




In the sense that it's simply made of C++ and OpenGL/DirectX,

You can compile Firefox with hardware acceleration support removed, voiding your claim.
Note that since a lot of the Firefox UI and preference engine uses JavaScript, this voids the claim that C++ is all that's used to write the program.


Hardware acceleration removal would mean no OpenGL/DirectX is being used?
Usage of Javascript means that is another language used besides the core C++ , so that is the reason that you cannot agree to the subset of my statement "it's simply C++"? (Javascript is a full fledged programming language that works is slow only because it is interpreted, right?(something mixed up in my head that it is based on C/C++)).

A lot of the font rendering and GUI is GTK+ in Linux. Look up windowing toolkits!


Since GTK+ version 3, all the rendering is done using Cairo.


Cairo (stylized as cairo) is a library used to provide a vector graphics-based, device-independent API for software developers

Meaning it is also a rendering API such as OpenGL and DirectX but is neither of the, nor is based on them? (If that is so then this was the reason you would not agree with the seconds subset of my statement "It is simply... DirectX/OpenGL"?)
Based on answer by SeanMiddleditch I believe I can further refine my question and state:


Such browsers are simply programs that use C++ and OpenGL/DirectX(Latter if hardware acceleration is used?) for a subset of core functionality that involves networking and displaying obtained data like images. Menus and similar "Control Graphical components" are usually implemented using other libraries, but can be implemented using one of (many?) rendering APIs like OpenGL and/or DirectX.


Is this correct?

In Topic: What is a browser?

Yesterday, 05:34 PM

Alright,I hate for this to be my first post.. But honestly.
Why ask for help when you are not willing to listen to other peoples ideas? You need to leave your shell. They are trying their best to help you and inform you that they DON'T Merely use directx/opengl. Some of the people even listed libraries you can use that will help you in creating a 'simple' browser.
If you are not getting the answers you seek, the reason is that you yourself are not being clear on what you are seeking.

That is why I tried to get my point across in my latest post, highlighting key words/points in bold and providing clarifications in parenthesis. From your reply I can clearly tell you either failed to read that, or didn't read that at all.

In Topic: What is a browser?

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

Guys, you are misinterpreting my question, your answers are great(covering the overview description, usage and different functionality it supports).

But like attempted to emphasise "Using what is Firefox and chrome made of? (just made of, NOT what it supports.)" In the sense that it's simply made of C++ and OpenGL/DirectX, REGARDLESS of it it supporting a lot of error corrections, file formats, interpretation of higher scripting languages, etc, etc.(After reading that software rendering may not involve a GPU thus rendering APIs such as OpenGL/DirectX useless I see where you were coming from, but consider a typical/most common usage on average computer with a GPU with and average user) I'm sure you can sit there for hours listing what makes up a proper web browser.


All of the functional support is implemented using C++(or other language) and rendering( graphical interface components, images, fonts ,ect ect) is DirectX/OpenGL, so repeating myself it's just a program written in C++(or other) and OpenGL/DirectX.


After having read the above, can you confirm that, or am I missing/misunderstanding something?