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Beginner game programming: Flash vs Engine

24 April 2013 - 10:41 AM

Hi. I am an artist/ designer with a bit of experience programming with actionscript 3 and also with arduino so i have an idea of the fundamental concepts of programming. 

I have recently been considering creating a simple game, similar to something like abes odyssey. It will mainly be story and art driven, I just need to implement the sidescrolling mechanics and some simple enimies etc. 

My question is, would it be worth using a game engine or could i achieve something like i described quite easily using flash? I am running os x so it would need to run on that and preferably be free. I am not sure how much freedom engines/ game builders give you and whether learning the new scripting language would be longer than using my as3 skills in flash. I am also drawn to flash since you can create the artwork and animations directly in the program itself but am worried that trying to create the engine myself might be a bit of a tall order,

Any help would be very much appreciated.