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BatOnBots-ML - Programming Game

24 April 2013 - 02:46 PM

BatOnBots-ML is a programming game where each player programs a virtual robot to fight against robots from other players.
During a battle, while robots fight, players can see the battle in a 2D interface made in Pygame.

Main Features:
    - Players can choose the your preferred programming language. Currently support:
        - Python
        - Java
        - C/C++
    - Multiplayer Online - Players can play over the internet without having to load the robots locally.
    - Online Leadearboard

It is available on:
    - Linux
    - Windows

Oficial Website:

To start playing just sign up on the website and follow the Start Guide to help understanding the game:

And you can also see also how to create the first battle and the first robot in these videos:








Please feel free to teste and comment the project! Hope you enjoy! ;)