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#5058436 Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

Posted by on 01 May 2013 - 03:55 PM

@Tom- Did I do something to offend you?  Ever since I joined, to me (and maybe you don't intend to be this way)  but you come off mean.  Maybe it's something that I did that was wrong, but I'd like to know.  


To the rest-  That's fine, I don't mind making my own games.  It's not like I can't come up with ideas in a snap, anyone who knows me will tell you, I can think of an entire story within 5 seconds-2 minutes.  I actually have this other game in mind based on a story I once wrote but never completed, and yes it was original.  Characters from other genres, games, etc... were never used.  So, I don't mind.  Plus, putting up anything legally against Nintendo is pretty much a 99% automatic fail, because Nintendo is big and the name itself sells, so to go up against a corporate giant is ridiculous.

#5057488 Question from a noob!

Posted by on 28 April 2013 - 11:07 AM

So, I have a question.  I'm a beginner game designer, and I really want to make my whole game from scratch by myself.  And, since the game is going to have semi high-end graphics, the game is going to take a while...probably years in the making.  What I wanted to ask, especially to the experts, what in your mind makes up the bulk of a game.  Is it scripting?  Is it dialogue?  Is it graphics?