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Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

28 April 2013 - 05:20 PM

*If this has already been answered, then can someone direct me to a thread similar to this?  Thank you!"


So, just recently I got ahold of Nintendo's "legality issues" e-mail address (I put legality issues in quotes because, I don't know what else to call it.  Their legal department?  lol, whatevs.)  See, I have this really awesome idea for another Paper Mario game.


The only problem is, in order for me to proceed with this project I would obviously need to have their characters, backgrounds, etc... right?  


Now, before anyone says anything, I understand that most game companies, especially the big ones like Nintendo and such are very strict in giving rights to anyone.  I've tried this before, probably 2 or 3 times hoping for a "yes" but would always receive a no.


But this time, I put something in the e-mail I sent, that I didn't normally put before, only because at the time I wasn't completely literate with copyright law.  I put that I would give them due credit, and that I wouldn't make any money off the game.  I said I would just do it out of pure fun and my love for the game.  I also gave them a semi long, but not-too-long background of the game.  


Now, I've sent this e-mail to them 2 days ago, and I still haven't gotten a response back.  Now, granted, it's the weekend and seeing how big Nintendo is, I seriously doubt they have people work weekends, but I'm just kind of getting tired of being shot down.  And, something else I put in my e-mail that I really thought long and hard about mentioning (because this is where I have this sneaky suspicion that they're going to say no period) is, this game would also be using characters from Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars.  Well, I want the style of Paper Mario to remain the same as it has throughout the series.  That's why they call it Paper Mario.  However, I asked if it would be ok if I could alter the characters so that they could look the same style as the characters in Paper Mario.  And, I bet that's the dealbreaker, knowing Nintendo.


So, my question is this:  If you were Nintendo, what would you say?  AND, if you were to say no, in the future what would I need to show Nintendo to even get a possible yes?  Would Nintendo want, for example, a Game Design Document?  


Help!  Please!


Question from a noob!

28 April 2013 - 11:07 AM

So, I have a question.  I'm a beginner game designer, and I really want to make my whole game from scratch by myself.  And, since the game is going to have semi high-end graphics, the game is going to take a while...probably years in the making.  What I wanted to ask, especially to the experts, what in your mind makes up the bulk of a game.  Is it scripting?  Is it dialogue?  Is it graphics?