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Member Since 29 Apr 2013
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Quad Conquest (ANDROID) Needs 2D Artist and Programmer

03 May 2013 - 06:25 PM

Who am I:
My name is Pedro Simões, I'am from Portugal and I build games in my spare time, just for fun. smile.png
I have a project in hands that needs more manpower, and in fact building games alone is somewhat "boring".
I program since 1998, games, business apps, C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, and I work as a programmer on a business company.
I have a Computer Science degree and I am taking my Master degree on Multimedia and Games.

The project:
I have in mind some game projects.
One of them I started already, the name is QuadConquest and an early (beta stage) release can be found here: 

Some screenshots:



The framework used is Moai http://getmoai.com/ and it is written in C/C++ but the game script is in LUA.
The target platforms will be Android and iOS.
The games will be released on a single game platform, more details later, and will start to be free.
Revenues will be splitted with team members.

I can give much more details by email or skype.
email: pedrosimoes79@gmail.com
skype: pedro_fp_simoes

Thomas Bouzillé accepted to be part of this team, he is a French Sound Composer with an amazing portfolio http://www.soundcloud.com/t-frost , it is an honour to have him on board. smile.png


Thanks in advance.