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The Streetwear, Sneakers and general fashion choices thread

24 April 2014 - 09:14 PM

I was wondering what brands, if any, people like to buy and keep an eye on in the gamedev community?

For me, I'm mainly into street wear stuff like Mishka, Fuct (I like the limited edition tees Mishka do for movies I like such as Robocop, Evil Dead and for bands like Dinosaur jr) etc and for sneakers I mainly buy Nike for both relaxing and skateboarding in.

Apart from that Im really into metal tee shirts and regularly can be seen rocking Slayer, Metallica tees and black jeans, even in the Tokyo summer. I just feel most comfortable like that.

I'm also into accessories like mesh caps, beanies, etc. 



Hi! Anyone else here based in Tokyo, or Japan in general?

24 April 2014 - 09:08 PM

What's up people?

I've been living here for a couple of years now, been working at a games company for the last year. I know there are a couple of other people living in Tokyo on here so I'm curious what you recommend to do when not working? Any good restaurants, art galleries and/or bars? Any other interesting curiosities? 


Anyone play in a band or other extra curricular activities? 

As for me I recommend  Hatos in Nakameguro for American style BBQ and there is a great burger place called the AppleBee diner in obscure Sangubashi, right by the station.


For bars I really like going to the rock bars in Kabukicho like Godz, PSY, From Dusk til Dawn. You always get to meet new people, but if you dont like metal its probably a bad fit for you.


I'm actually looking for some reggae and/or hiphop places, there's a big dancehall scene in Tokyo but I'm more into the mellower stuff.

Why are my ray traced reflections wrong?

02 April 2014 - 08:41 PM

Hi! After some fooling around with basic ray tracing with spheres and planes I added reflections, but using the formula seen on many websites


ray direction - 2 * DotProduct(rayDirection , surfaceNormal) * surfaceNormal 


the reflections seem to be orientated the wrong way.


Attached File  test.png   30.37KB   1 downloads


but if I use


ray direction - 2 * DotProduct( -rayDirection , surfaceNormal) * surfaceNormal 


The reflections on the spheres seem ok but isn`t the reflection on the plane a little strange?


Attached File  test.png   16.92KB   3 downloads


The code that determines the color for a pixel goes as follows

//intersection point at time t
point = ray.GetOrigin() + t * ray.GetDirection();

surfaceNormal = sceneObj->GetSurfaceNormal(point);

//determine the reflection direction vector
reflectDirection = ray.GetDirection() - (2.0f * DotProduct(-ray.GetDirection(),surfaceNormal))*surfaceNormal;

//generate the color for this ray and generate a secondary ray, add the generated color
return GenerateColor(point,sceneObj,surfaceNormal) + TraceRay(Ray(reflectDirection,point+reflectDirection * 0.001f),depth-1);

Thanks in advance

Why would devs be opposed to the PS4`s x86 architecture?

02 February 2014 - 07:19 PM

This is more of an open - discussion question as opposed to a straight question-and-answer, if this is inappropriate for this forum please tell me.

In the numerous presentations and interviews regarding the genesis of the Playstation 4 Mark Cerny said he faced some resistance regarding making the PS4`s architecture based on the x86. He had to convince a number of people,including third parties, that it was "suitable for games".

PC game developers have had no choice but use x86 architecture for their games for several generations with spectacular results (despite not having the same kind of low level access to a GPU like you do on consoles) so why would people:

a) need persuading


b) what kind of objections would they have?

Batch files question, namely assigning values correctly

05 July 2013 - 12:03 AM

Hi all.


I have a batch file where I run files listed in a text file through an audio codec. The text file is set out as follows:

BGM_Name	    file	flag	LoopStart	 Length				
title		    7001	0x01	1810432	         5921928; 
map                 7552	0x01	0073664	         4997136; 

There are many more listings in the real file. The parts I`m interested in are the loopstart and the length properties, as the audio format I`m dealing with encodes loop starts and lengths internally and these are the sample counts from the start of the file. 


The codec is run at the command line as follows with command line arguments:

codec loopstart loopend input output

so loopend is obviously the LoopStart plus the Length.


The batch file I use to process all the files is as follows

for /f "tokens=1-5" %%l in (test.txt) do (
  set /a endloop1=%%p
  set /a endloop2=%%q
  set /a endloop = endloop1 + endloop2
  codec -loop %endloop1% %endloop% *input and output file names omitted for the example*

%%p is the value of loopStart and %%q is the length, and even though a fair few files are processed correctly and even though I`ve checked via using @echo that the values of p and q change each time the values aren`t always set to endloop1 and endloop2 so the values from the previous iteration are used and thusly the audio file is encoded incorrectly and during gameplay goes into jarring loops. 


Can anyone explain why endloop1 and endloop2 sometimes don`t get assigned the correct val even if p and q are set correctly?


Thanks in advance