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Need Help with Boundless Crafting System

21 May 2013 - 07:45 AM

Hey everybody,

I am currently learning Java, looking forward to do some Game-Development in the near Future.
As the title says, I am trying to do a crafting system as a training project.


So these classes are what I got so far (tree structure to see what is child of what)










What i want the crafting system to do is the folowing:

You take a random number of spikes (Max 10), and one core to craft a Shuriken. This then calculates its characteristics out of the spikes and core characteristics. But! The Shuriken Object then holds the spike and core objects too, so it is reforgeable, detachable and upgradeable.


so in the end each weapon of whatever type has ist own components AND optional components.


My problems are the components. I COULD, and will randomize some of them, but how do I create preset ones? creating an own class like "sharp spike of whatever" and then always create objects of that. using a Class as databank and define preset objects in it? Using a databank?

What would be the most easy way if I donÄt know how to use databanks?

Thanks for reading :)
Greetz, Toriath

(I feel shame for my bad english :( )