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In Topic: 3rd person camera versus Diablo III style camera

04 June 2014 - 11:44 PM

As it looks to me, you guys are still in early, early development stages. Why not playtest both ? This is the stage you get to experiment at and this is the stage where such changes will cost less.

Let's say that you decide on a camera and at some point you end up disliking it. By then you've developed a really good chunk of your game and such a change may come in expensive - glitches, aesthetic issues and so on.

You should really experiment on this since it is one of the most important parts of what you are about to do. Try both cameras and try several angles, see what you and your team like the most. Develop it further until you get a result that fits your needs.

In Topic: Roads (connection between villages/cities)

22 May 2014 - 05:45 AM


There are other ways to solve this problem as well. I would strongly suggest you look into some graph theory. With a proper understanding of graphs you should be able to solve a big lot of logistics problems as graphs are the actual thing used for real world road works and logistics.
One important thing, it is the PLAYER's job to solve these logistic problems biggrin.png That's where the fun is (how to lay down the road system properly).


That's why I'm not so fond of hubs... It's the player that should "invent" that there should be hubs (or maybe if there should be not in a particular map). The system should allow the player to have fun with laying down these roads, optimizing what route would make most sense and so on.


With hubs it's trivial (no decision to make), all neighbouring villages are connected to the nearest city and that's it, all you can do is upgrade these roads.


You've got a point. However, if the player is to be free and as creative as he/she wants, then you always have the possibility of having messy logistics. Having the clean roads would imply restriction, at least to some degree. In that sense, you can maybe combine some stuff ? Since you do have the village positions preset, you can, as LorenzoGatti suggested, limit the crossings to a certain ammount. If you have designed the villages to be structured into a closed graph with the sufficient ammount of weight on each village, as a point, you should be able to build a road from any one point A to any one point B in the same graph. That does imply though that these connections are not going to be direct most of the time and that you will most probably need to go through a point C in order to reach point B. In that case, the road might not be as efficient as possible, however it will exist. By doing so and having the ability to cross an N ammount of times (N being the number that suits your needs), you should be ok and have a somewhat not ugly logistics system, without limiting the player too much and without having separate villages isolated.

In Topic: Roads (connection between villages/cities)

21 May 2014 - 02:02 PM

As Orymus3 said, hubs are a valid idea. Let's look at this - several villages are able to connect to one bigger town that will act as a region capital. Each village can have a direct connection to the other and must have a connection to the region capital, be it direct or through another village. From that point, you can connect region to region with the connection points being the corresponding region capitals. A village in one region cannot have a direct connection to another village in another region. The way to get from that one village to the other should be through the region capital.

There are other ways to solve this problem as well. I would strongly suggest you look into some graph theory. With a proper understanding of graphs you should be able to solve a big lot of logistics problems as graphs are the actual thing used for real world road works and logistics.

In Topic: Pirate RPG class design

09 April 2014 - 01:05 AM

Several things to note - when you go on to design a class for an RPG or design just about any archetype of character, you have to make the archetype seem realistic. And not realistic in the blunt sense but realistic in your own world that bends on it's own rules. You have to follow the same rules you yourself have created in order for things to stay consistent, realistic and believable. In that regard, if your world is heavy on magic it would be only logical for a pirate to be able to use such skills. However, I'm not so sure about the notion of the medium armor or just about any type of armor that's not light or even cloth. Thing is - the pirates are not combat motivated like say a barbarian. They thrive on riches, finding treasure, plundering and other stuff like that. They are basically greedy and would go on to do nasty stuff to satisfy their greed. In the land of exploration and sea adventure - the waters were the perfect place for defunct sailers and demoted captains to pursue these passions. And that's just the thing here - you give out the Ironborn analogy. They are prototyped more on Vikings that indeed did plunder but they craved battle and lived off of what they stole. So to the iron born, the heavy armor is something more in tune. The pirates though ... they want to live to see another day, to plunder another ship for it's riches and drink another bottle of rum. They need something light to swim in if (when) they fall.

That's the main thing of the pirate archetype - selfish, greedy, plundering, mobile, agile, sea bound, bravery driven off of greed, scavenging, adventurous.


Just my two cents on the topic though.

In Topic: ww2 pirate game - make combat more fun

01 April 2014 - 10:51 PM

underwater missiles? Like torpedoes?

Yep, torpedoes.