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c++ quiz project (beginner)

03 May 2013 - 11:21 AM

ok so I have been on other forums, googled, read on most c++ websites and I can't understand how to get my code to save the data to a file which can be selected to loaded once in the game.


I have two ofstreams and ifstreams, one to save and load the highscore of the game the other supposed to save the progress and load it when you feel like it. The thing is I can't get the progress or game to save the data I believe I save it in wrong format and so on but I don't know how to fix that at the moment so I would be really gratefull if someone could help me out here.


I know some of the basics but not all still things I need to get explained but the major problem right now is to get it to save in any format except .txt (was thinking to save it as a .exe first but that didn't work out well tongue.png so now I'm thinking of something like .dat or .dll or such)

Once I get a hang of how to use return properly i will use that and "call" on the things I need to main and not write it all in there but for time being I have done that so it looks messy.


Am using switch-case and in those i have if-else with new switch-cases etc to make the game flow at the moment smile.png


Please help me thx tongue.png


ooh by the way is there a way to remove this post or move it to the beginner c++ section in the for beginner? seems like i cant find the delete button for my topic sry wrong section :(