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Sphere Looped World Map

10 July 2013 - 06:27 AM

Hello to everyone!


I want to start a little discussion about looped world map.

In my game I have a world map. It stores in memory as 2d-array of different cells with surface description. It is like an unfolded world map




As I understand, when player stands at the top of map (on the northest point of Greenland) and tries to go forward, he fall in water at point marked with red cross


Attached File  WorldMap.gif   13.33KB   4 downloads


And player's move direction reversed (but for gamer all things normal)


Does anyone know the good implementation of cycled world map or some articles about it?


Thanks in advance,


World Map Render And Storage

17 June 2013 - 01:53 PM

Hello to everyone!


I've got a problem. In my game I have the skeleton of world map (map is random) with description for every cell - water, seaside, forest and etc.

The map is not small - about 50 000 cells. And I need to draw, for example, the large region of map. For example 5 000 cells.


Can you help me to solve this problem?

Is there any way to do it good?


Here some of my solutions:


  1. Pre-render the region of map and render additional regions, when player visit new location on map
  2. Render each cell every frame smile.png
  3. ????

Thanks in advance,


JRPG Game Scenes and Scripts

19 May 2013 - 01:33 AM



I'm creating a JRPG using C# and now I'm trying to design an event manager system.

I will start far.


My favorite games are Legend Of Mana and FF VIII. Here some screens.

Legend Of Mana



With my friend we are trying to create an extensible well-designed system for controlling game events.

I have read some articles here with search query "game scripts", "game events" and so on.


And I've found a good solution - Event manager, which can subscribe and unsubscribe on game events.

This event manager we will use for dialogs, cutscenes and game quests. We are planing a various unlinear dialogs.


But I haven't got a full image of this manager in my imagination.


I can't catch the moment of event changing, cutscene animations, chains of events and etc.


Please, give me some articles, tips, views about this problem and how "grown" programmers do this game modules happy.png


Thanks in advance,


Random Continent Generating With Perlin Noise

11 May 2013 - 02:45 AM



I have got a problem with random map generation.

I'm trying to generate a map based on fantastic Perlin noise.

Here my results




And now I want to create only a continent with nearest islands.

I tried to use Gauss function for reducing squares far from center and I tried to use a simple circular reduction for ignoring squares far from center.

Both of this ways gives me a map with good-loking maps, but with circular contour of reduction at edges of reduction zone.

Here an example




I need your opinion to solve this problrm. What another methodics I can use to create best random maps? wink.png

I'm using C#.


Thanks in advance!



P.S. Sorry for my English