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Beginner wanting to learn how to program CCG

12 May 2013 - 06:48 AM

Hi there, thank you for having a site like this.  I have stumbled upon this site while searching for a way to learn programming browser games, mainly ccg games.


I am inspired by the game Kongregate's Tyrant.  Please check it out.


So, I wanted to know what programs or methods the maker had used to make it.  Please guide me for I am a newbie at network programming.  So far I have touched programming languages such as VB, and had self-learned myself with Adobe Flash. 


My learning of Adobe Flash has halted because I was told by a friend, who is a game developer, to learn Unity instead.  He told me that Unity will become popular soon and that Flash will disappear and be replaced by Unity.


Now, I'm in a dilemma.  All I wanted is to make a 2d game (with a bit of 3d).  He said unity can do that too.  So, I gotta start from scratch on learning Unity.


Please check the game Tyrant. And please advise. TY!