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In Topic: Will this strategy get me into the gaming industry?

14 May 2013 - 11:52 PM

OK guys, you got me into it biggrin.png.
Now I'll be making that Breakout game based on Unity first, Then I'll remake it but with my own engine.
That'll be a learning process for me and a Portfolio(the engine with another game), and I know about the "YAGNI" principle, but still I need to do that, I feel like I need to do it happy.png .
And the Breakout game will be just a starting point, it's not going to be the actual game that I'll provide in the portfolio.
And  warnexus,  I'm not really doing it for money, the whole selling thing is just a learning process.
Since I have little to no information about the legal side of the industry. I was actually trying to get some experience through that process. no more, no less.
And thanks to Tom Sloper's website I'm getting allot of that *knowledge without going through all that.
So now after reading some of his FAQs, I don't feel like going through all the headaches marketing needs tongue.png.

In Topic: Will this strategy get me into the gaming industry?

13 May 2013 - 09:01 PM

Thank Y'all for replying.
To Nypyren...
About using unity...
I'm really trying to get into the low-level stuff of the process of a game making, so i don't think using an existing engine will get me there, or will it?
Your second point of implementing complex(impressive) stuff is actually what I'm trying to achieve by building my own engine(I mean it would be more impressive to have a running engine that YOU have made!).
To Tom Sloper...
I wasn't asking for anybody to actually tell me the future i was merely asking for personal opinions.
And I'm sorry for putting questions where they doesn't belong, I'm new here so i didn't want to spam the forums with posts smile.png .
To Hodgman...
The Breakout will just be a start, like just a testing project.
In Time when the engine is able to stand on it's feet biggrin.png then i will start to make some real games and/or demos based on it.
And as i said to Nypyren I'm more interested in low-level stuff so i don't think that the YAGNI principle applies here.