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Will this strategy get me into the gaming industry?

13 May 2013 - 07:20 PM

Hi guys!
I'm a self-taught (C++ and C# Programmer/Software Engineer) who's looking to get into the gaming business, i heard that in order to get there(without any type of degrees) I need a portfolio.
So recently I've been working on building my own Game Engine, that will serve the purpose of being my portfolio and at the same time as a Game Engine that will be used to develop some indie games.
Anyway the engine will be a multi-platform one which will support the Android, Windows and Linux OSes.
And i'm thinking after i finish my engine of developing a game off of it, it'll be a Breakout like game, that is a small game that will show what this engine can do.
So the Breakout game will have some graphics and I'm thinking of selling it on Google Play Store and...(others).
So to the Questions...
  1. Based on your personal opinion Will that approach actually work and get me into the industry?
  2. How can i sell my games? do i need to create some kind of trademark or something(sorry this question might be stupid, i really don't have any idea about the legal side of the business)?
  3. How do you see my English? huh.png