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In Topic: How on earth do I start a game?!

19 June 2013 - 02:11 PM

1.Try C++ , just learn to create something like  tetris / ping-pong  etc.DON'T skip  pointers,dynamic memory and classes,because these are very important in creating game.


Then you choose;if you want to learn programming + to create a game:


1.Try SFML,then opengl        or      2.SDL/SFML,then directx



But remember,programming is not a joke,you will need a desire to create a game to be able to learn it !


If you want just to create a game,after C++ try Unity3D,it's a nice tool for creating games ;] ,HOWEVER,you will not be allowed to sell that game(if you are thinking about a serious game ),it's just for fun.Gl

In Topic: Where should I start?

17 June 2013 - 01:32 PM

Well,I am trying to learn Directx as well,and yeh Rastartek's tutorials are : |   ...In my opinion book is the fastest way to learn it...


Opengl?There's book,I checked it and it seems quite informative : http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/   released one year ago

In Topic: Beginner looking into game making

11 June 2013 - 03:36 AM

Simple 3D ?Dream more.


First learn ..uhm,maybe C# / C++

Second learn a little bit about 2D

THEN try Utility3D & create a game.

In Topic: Why does a gameplay programmer need to know C++?

10 June 2013 - 11:04 AM

It's the hardest language,a lot of risks in it,you must do everything perfectly.

Those languages,which born from C are the most popular nowadays ,like:java,C sharp etc.


And those languages are easier than C ,so if you know C/C++ ,you should easily learn other one.Don't company owners think like this?

In Topic: Directx 11....

09 June 2013 - 07:15 AM

Get used to it biggrin.png Its going to be like that until you get the hang of it.






Ok. Well, I looked at rastertek and tutorial 1 to 3 is "just" about setting up the stuff. It's bare windows, tedious, boring - but necessary. Since he doesn't (want to) teach you windows but D3D11 he keeps the explanation to a minimum. You could as well skip to tutorial #4, you can always come back if something is unclear. 


Just know: Starting with D3D11 if you haven't done anything with low-level graphics before is hard and frustrating.


Yeh,I have noticed that ,but it seems for me ,that I still must understand his framework to be able to continue with tutorials.



You could check out gameinstitute.com. They have a graphics programming course its a bit old and it still uses DirectX9 but but they go into every bit of detail of the entire graphics pipeline including triangle rasterization algorithm by creating your own software rasterizer using Win32 which DirectX or OpenGL already handles. Take note that DirectX 11 requires a bit more of a learning curve compared to the previous versions of the api. So it might be better for your to learn DirectX 9 first before you jump to 11 if you can. 


Thanks,but it seems,it cost 99$ , not for me,not for me =/







"Just know: Starting with D3D11 if you haven't done anything with low-level graphics before is hard and frustrating."


Can't disagree with that,maybe you are rgiht .

But I really like challanges,I don't really like 2D,Even console is much more interesting for me .

I always like to find out ,where is the best information before starting learning,if it's really that hard,maybe rastertek tutorial aren't bad.


I will try my best,I never give up :|