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#5063247 OpenGL

Posted by on 20 May 2013 - 09:54 AM

Once again - I asked what you find hard in the chapter you're on - not what chapter you're on.

Cause I don't think you won't be able to understand:

"Why make games?" or "OpenGL History"

I mean if you want some help you should say where you got a problem - something concrete - like saying "I don't understand the graphics pipeline" or "I don't understand Matrix multiplication" etc.

  This might be a pretty wild guess - but maybe you're not ready for OpenGL if you can't even understand the first chapter. Maybe you need to start with something easier - like a ready engine or something like that. For example you say that you finished learning the basics of C++ but I don't think basics will be enough for working with OpenGL...


My problme is not on any subject.

my problme is this first of all i have a problme with the english ... Its not my main lang.

second when I read something ,almost on 90% of the cases i forget it i just how i was born. I nead the combo of seeing and hearing to understand something no mather what it is becase if for example i go online for a written tut so i find myself copy every thing line by line..

But if i watch a tut in youtube i can understand what the meaning of this code.


I hope you understood and you an help me =)