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In Topic: MSc Computer Sciences conversion course and career query

22 May 2013 - 11:28 PM

In this case, with my current heavily arts-dominated background, what kinds of roles could I realistically expect to apply for in games development companies? Would the ability to program well not assist me in getting a job, or in developing my own titles? And wouldn't a formalised computer science course, regardless of the qualification gained, assist me to learn some relevant principles much faster and more rigorously than I would by myself, and in a way where employers can see proof of this? And if I -did- decide such a course was a fast way of doing this, does this Birkbeck course sound good?


I also think the topics of my studies have hardly been irrelevant -- I've just been spending two years thinking in-depth about the methods games can use to compel/invite close emotional bonds with characters. Even if this is a highly specific topic, it's one presumably highly relevant to this field, as opposed to many other potential PhD topics I could have worked on.