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In Topic: What makes this rock bounce up?

Today, 07:36 AM

I would love to see if anyone on this website understands.


See the rocks coming out? They're appearing just above the exit. The force pushing the rocks that appear is the same one pushing rocks that are dropped near it. If the rocks existed low enough they were actually coming out the collision detection would need extra programming, so it was a matter of time constraint while designing how it worked.

In Topic: Clones and copycats.. Flappy Bird, 2048, Timerman etc.

Yesterday, 04:57 PM

And if you can be cloned from scratch in 5 days, arguably it's not something worth protecting anyway...


Taking credit for someone else's work takes 1 step, but it isn't illegal.


Plagiarism takes only 3 steps.


Forgery takes some complicated skills for physical artwork duplication. Which leads to fraud.


If anyone didn't actually clone from scratch, they plagiarized, forged, traced, or submitted a copy, which is illegal... assuming you aren't distributing it all digitally. In that case you must be some kind of a stingy fat cat who sits in an ivory tower, selling water without a bottle.


Did I miss anything more obvious? edit: oh yeah, no risk no rewards

In Topic: MMO Gap issue

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Level and equipment limits are the norm.


Quickest example, racing games. This is the racing MMO business model I've seen duplicated.


you'll have level 1 cars for 3 months, level 2 cars for 3 months, level 3 cars for 4 months, etc. This way the players purchase the new cars every time, and the power creep is controlled. The final might be level 12 cars, with a temporary upgrade which lasts 30 days.

ported to another country, you won't start with the level 12 cars, you start the business model over again with level 1 cars


Games that take months to reach a level cap have bot players, very few humans have staying power, maybe 1/1000 players who are active for over a year will still enjoy the game for just the game, the rest want peers. If everyone is a different level they don't know their peers.


You could also look at WoW, just because they have a level cap for subscribers who'll eventually all level out.  I don't have knowledge about WoW beyond that.

This is pretty much the norm, forced team play.

In Topic: Make games with skill, not luck!

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

TL;DR: Many pro video game players in games like Hearthstone are complaining that the game depends too heavily on RNG. Too much reliance on absolute luck (rather than "yomi luck," or mind games) can destroy players' enjoyment.

What do you think?


If they were trying to go pro, just to complain it's unfair, then they lack character.

In Topic: Make games with skill, not luck!

27 August 2014 - 02:09 PM

Randomness is the thing people want. A card game deals with combinations, similar to chess.  Without randomness it is a game of bluffs with pre-calculated strategies.


Randomness is the solution for adding fun in most cases when games would be extremely redundant and academic without being random.