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Front line

24 May 2013 - 09:49 AM

I'd like to introduce my first game called "Front line". I didn't work with Java at all when I started to write this game. So, for now I think that this game is not excellent yet. biggrin.png

But I want that my next games will be better and better. I will be very grateful for the constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. So, here it is:


Last version: 1.20





United States of Russia (USR) in alliance with United Kingdom of Russia (UKR) has a fierce fighting against Nationalistic Fascistia which treacherously attacked our peaceful land. You can take the campaign and help overcome the treacherous and cruel enemy. Also you can arrange a competition with your friend and play the game together at the same time on the same device.

Confrontation between the two groups of tanks on the front line. 2D-game top view on the battlefield. The gameplay is a bit like the game Worms.


    play the game together at the same time on the same device in the duel mode,
    8 types of military equipment,
    9 types of weapons,
    different area of battle.

You can play this game alone or together with your friend, father and son, grandfather and grandson. You can have fun and train your accurate eye at the same time.



New battlefield screenshot
New achievments screenshot
New Gun shop screenshot