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Cafe Murder: Where Diners Go to Die (iOS)

07 June 2013 - 11:35 AM

Cafe Murder: where people come for the sandwiches but stay for the rampages. And leave on a stretcher if things get out of hand.
It's like your average restaurant sim- except funny and filling, with depth to the gameplay and characters.

Cafe Murder in a nutshell:
· insane, knife-wielding chef and sane, bazooka-wielding waitress
· retro arcade action with modern day graphics
· Japan-influenced design and visuals
· memorable cast of unique customers

· NO in-app purchases- pay ONCE and play it ALL

The director of Paladin's Quest (the SNES cult classic) backed us on Kickstarter back in the day, but now we're live in the App Store.

Check it out in the App Store: