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What's a good language/engine to try for someone who can animate and learn code fast?

01 May 2014 - 12:11 PM

I'm on a VFX course at uni, but I'd like to sometime give creating my own game a shot, and I could do with a recommendation on what engine/language I should start with, based on what I'm good at and what I'd eventually like to achieve with it.


I'm able to animate in 3D pretty well, and I'm quite a fast learner with code, and can think quite logically to get around problems. I'm also all right with some more artistic type stuff, and have done a few scripts that rely on random generation based on some inputs to produce some nice looking stuff (www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkHEVtgiLUA is an example of something that started as a maze script and just went weird but fairly cool).


Eventually I'd like to have a mostly procedurally generated first person shooter with some RPG elements (I suppose like borderlands crossed with starforge or something), though I know I definitely won't be able to start anywhere near that. Would it be possible to create a very basic game with basic code, and then replace bits and build it up slowly? So for example, you might start with a simple model of untextured hills for the level, then separately as you get more confident, you build some script that'll generate an infinte world, and then swap this into the game without breaking anything?



Also, I'd prefer to avoid starting on 2D games, I'm willing to start from scratch, but I'd much prefer a bare bones 3D setup that can be improved

Any new fps games which have learning AI (like quake)?

05 July 2013 - 12:38 PM

Hi, just saw this (http://i.imgur.com/dx7sVXj.jpg), and was just curious if there were any new arena based games similar to quake and UT that use such a style of AI, where it'll actually store the good/bad tactics for later use?


I'd just be interested to try run it for a while, actually see what happens when left to learn from themselves. I had a quick google and found most games don't seem to go for this approach anymore, but I don't know much at all about this sorta stuff so thought it'd be worth asking here :)

Total beginner but I'd like to start with something interesting

25 May 2013 - 05:13 AM

Hey, I've not done any game things before, aside from a level for ut2004 ages ago, but I'm able to pick up code pretty fast if I'm told the basics


I've been wanting to try do some sort of infinite(ish) procedural terrain type stuff as a starting point, cuz I'd learn a lot faster by starting something off really basic, then adding bits to it (eg. could start with an infinitely large flat ground, then add bits of code to make it better), but I'm really not a fan of starting something which can't be improved upon.


I'm just wondering if anyone knows any tutorials which would allow me to try this (don't even mind if it's 2d like terraria or something), just as long as it doesn't skip steps I'll manage to learn the code while doing it. A minecraft style tutorial would be fine, as long as it covers the infinite terrain part of it, I'd then probably try modify it to use much smaller cubes tongue.png   (i guess unity would be preferable too)



We've done some code in maya, where I did find the procedural stuff was a lot easier. This is kinda the level I'm at, where I use fairly basic code but try work in a lot of calculations to make it look nice and work correctly with all values the user puts in




So yeah, sorry if any of you read this and roll your eyes haha, but I'd much prefer to start with something more complicated, cuz I've started too many things from scratch over the past few years and I haven't got the patience to spend weeks on end just coding crappy little games ;D   Also, this would solely be a personal project, I'm not particularly bothered in getting a job in games