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Ideas to block roads?

21 September 2013 - 11:42 AM

Hello dear community!


(I hope this is the right forum)



So, we’re working on a game that uses a very detailed city map, it’s basically 1 to 1 with the real city. Of course it’s only a small district – but exactly like in reality.


The problem with this is that, to avoid people leaving this “zone”, we have to block some roads of some sort. Some games did it the simple way: putting a building at that place.


We don’t want that, because realism plays a big role here. We want to leave the city the way it is.


The problem: there’s around 30 roads to block…


Now we need some “arguments” why these roads are closed. An example: there’s a construction site in this road, and therefore it’s blocked. We could place concrete barriers like these at this place:




Of course also with everything else that goes with a construction site, behind the barriers.


I also often noticed walls blocking the view on a construction site, a bit like this one here:




I’m unsure what these are called, but that would be a solution too.



I’ve thought about road accidents as well. Maybe concrete barriers again, this time with police and rescue vehicles behind and some wrecked cars. Now that I’m thinking of it… the same concept with some fire trucks behind could be a solution too, not with fire in real-time, but maybe with black buildings hinting something was on fire here.


For the idea with the accident: perhaps even a long truck (a petrol tanker for example) flipped, which takes the whole length of the road, could do the job as well.


I’ve basically tried to take ideas from other games. I’d have more ideas, like this one: the road blocked again, eventually also with police vehicles, and people demonstrating at the back. Basically hinting that this road is blocked because of a demonstration. I’m not sure how hard it would be to do this, but I don’t think anyone of us knows how to. Well, it doesn’t matter, we can always hire someone, so it’s not completely off the list.



So my question is: does anyone have more suggestions? smile.png



Boat physics engine?

24 July 2013 - 02:02 PM



Does any of you know of a physics engine for boats? I can’t seem to find any. Basically we’re looking for something already-done which we can use for our game, just like there’s also the same thing for cars, etc…


If you know of any, please let me know!


Thanks tongue.png

How much should we expect to pay for licensed vehicles?

28 May 2013 - 12:49 PM

Hello guys!



I know the answer is: more we can afford. But I still have some questions. We would really like to use real licensed vehicles in our game, we have a whole range of highly-detailed models at our disposition, and we would like to add a damage model too. Obviously, this all makes it not only very complicated, but probably extremely expensive too.



But recently, I've stumbled across this article. I found some interesting things in there, which I will quote here:


With a few keystrokes, a Focus could hit 500 mph in a game and corner on a dime — but that’s not what Ford wants.

We want to make sure the user has the same experience in games as when they drive the vehicle in real life. The worst thing we could do is soup the car up in the game so when they drive it in real life, they don’t find the car up to snuff.

We don’t want to see the cars flipping over for unknown reasons. Catching fire — certain, we call then thermal events — we don’t want happening if there’s no reason. If you’re driving poorly in a game, and you do end up rolling the car as a result of driver error, that can be explained.

Hitting animals and pedestrians is also on Ford’s list of restrictions



I quoted this, because our project kind of fulfils all of these "requirements". We are still at the very first stage of our "game", basically we are discussing things and getting informed about various stuff, to see if it's even possible to accomplish this whole thing. We have talked to the guys of BeamNG, and that is the physics engine we would like to use.


We believe that it is the most realistic it can get at this point, as far as damage and maybe driving physics go.


If we have a Ford Focus in our game, it certainly wouldn't hit 500 mph, we also don't flip cars for no reason, the cars don't catch fire either, and you can not run over pedestrians. There's no animals.



The thing is, we are not a big studio. In fact, we're a very small one. I was wondering, is it possible that for us, the licenses for these vehicles would be cheaper than for a big studio? Is there a way of getting them cheaper? I know for a fact that some studios, like Polyphony Digital, don't pay anything for the licenses at all, but obviously we aren't making Gran Turismo here, and our game is unknown and has no reputation therefore, which means there's no interest at the moment for the brands to have their vehicles in our game, unless it becomes a huge hit one day, which, however, is not really our main goal.



What could be some tricks on how we could approach this whole situation? We're really trying to do a very realistic game, like I mentioned earlier, we are planning on using the BeamNG physics, and we also have a 100% accurate, 1:1 3D map of a whole district of the city we will be using. (this 3D map was originally made for architects, to measure sound and sunlight, and such things I believe)


My idea was to finish this part of the city, to wait for the BeamNG physics to be ready, so we can use them, and basically make a small demo to showcase what it would look like. We have a whole range of highly-detailed vehicles at our disposition, that are being designed by an excellent 3D studio, like I said earlier. This should really give an idea of what the whole thing will look like. I'm convinced it will look and play really good, and I was hoping that if we get this ready, it could have a big influence,on how the brands will react on this whole thing, on the price that we will eventually have to pay to get the licenses, and if we're actually allowed to use them at all. But we still remain a small group of people, which (therefore) kind of hints the manufacturers that we can't pay them hundreds of thousands of Euros, or maybe even millions, for licenses. (I really have absolutely no idea how much such a license costs)



All help is greatly appreciated! smile.png

Real cities in games & the law

25 May 2013 - 12:10 PM

Hello people!



I have a big project in my head and therefore I also have lots of question, so this is my first one, one of many to come tongue.png I hope I'll be able to find some help here.


So my first question is, if I use a real city in my game, will I need some kind of license from the city?



Thank you!