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In Topic: Designing a communication system for a game that uses object aggregation

14 June 2013 - 09:18 AM



Yes, this is exactly my goal to make an engine design that will be fully expandable and generic, being able to transform really easily to simple mini games (like 2D rpgs, platformers or anything really simple). I know that this is not a really good idea when it comes to performance issues but i'm just exploring the most optimal design possibilities when it comes to extensibility for a game engine. I'm just trying to implement the most ideal design scenario of Component Based Game Engines, sacrificing some performance, just to see if will worths the try to make a really abstract and complicated design for a game base, or if its better to implement a specific base for a specific game when it comes production time of multiple games. Probably i'm wrong, but i wont find out if i wont try to make this and fail/succeed. 


The main idea is, if this layer design scenario succeeded in the implementation of operating systems, why it shouldn't succeed in games?

(By saying layers i mean something like this:
layers in OSes: kernel - ... - outer world,
layers in Game Engine: Engine -  Managers - (Systems, Components,...) - ... - outer world  ))

Knowing that today's hardware is developing exponentially(so performance may not be a problem later) and the growth of data to be organised and 

managed too, why not explore less performance related and more organisational related designs?


And according to all the above how should i implement a layer to layer communication (the problem is mostly from outer layers (Systems) to inner layers (Engine))

so i can accomplish (or even try to approach) my purpose?

In Topic: Designing a communication system for a game that uses object aggregation

13 June 2013 - 02:21 PM

Yea , but i'm searching for an implementation that will isolate every thing in the engine, and your idea doesn't seem really structured to me (a little messy to communicate like this). I thought that the most appropriate communication would have been to send some command from the System to the SystemManager and the SystemMAnager to the Engine? and so the Engine to the ComponentManager to retrieve the component. I am not really sure but i think that building a game engine like an Operating System is the most expandable and generic idea in my mind to build on top lots of games. Any other opinions?