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What way should I choose?

14 June 2013 - 04:01 AM

What I need to do is to create 3D environment with flora, animals and so on. I want to put it in to the server, and the users should be able to log in to it. The problem is, that this environment will change very rapidly: lands, islands, flora, animals, can change their shape position and so on. One place can become completely different, for example, from the desert with snakes to the forest with other creatures. This process must be continuous, it can not be changed by rapid updates and so on. This model can be similar to Runescape, user log in and play, practically no game installation needed, everything is in server. Problem is that Runescape 3D graphic are not very good, however I do not say that graphics are the most important. I just looking for the best variant. For example it would be great if I could directly import my 3ds max models like in Unreal 3 engine. Maybe it is possible to do what I want with some installation requirement from users? Where should I start? What engine should I use? I worked a little with Unreal engine. Is suitable for my purpose? Maybe I should start creating my own engine? What programming language is the most suitable for my goal? I haves studied JAVA and PHP. However I can choose other programming language. Also I am good at 3DS Max. Also I know that it is extremely hard work.

I would be very grateful for any opinion and any help.