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Topics I've Started

Web Games/Apps - Kick starting help needed!

16 June 2014 - 01:28 PM

Hi Guys! (: 
I have been web developing for a little while now, and i have earlier done a lot of 2d game programming in opengl. And then i figured why not mix them together? But my problem is that i did opengl in C++, and i have no idea how it works programming wise and "format" wise, when it is web based. So if there is anybody out there that think he got something that can lead me forward, please leave a comment. Thanks! 
Sincerly WunderStrudel! 

C / C++ --> Need help with some text input.

09 November 2013 - 04:40 PM

Hii guys (: 
I've been programming in c/c++ for about 6 - 8 month now, mostly game stuff, which might be why i'm asking this newbie question ^^ 
I got tired of playing around with SDL and Opengl efter a while, and i thought to myself "What do you want to achive with programming?", and i guess my answer was "it all" biggrin.png 
But right now i'm making my own little kinda cmd chat, right now just for localhost. 

My problem is getting the keystrokes converted to strings/words, so that it does not just buffer a single letter at the time, but submit the whole word or sesntence. i just deleted my whole project and started from scratch so this is all my code so far; 

#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include <Winuser.h>
#include <time.h>
using namespace std;

int main()

	TCHAR pcName [250];
	TCHAR userName [250];
	DWORD pcSize = 20;
	DWORD userSize = 20;

		cout << "Size: " << pcSize << "\tError Code: " << GetLastError() << std::endl;
		cout << "Size: " << userSize << "\tError Code: " << GetLastError() << std::endl;

	cout << "(";
	cout << st.wDay;
	cout << "/";
	cout << st.wMonth;
	cout << "/";
	cout << st.wYear;
	cout << " - ";
	cout << st.wHour;
	if((int)st.wMinute < 10)
		cout << ":0";
	} else
		cout << ":";
	cout << st.wMinute;
	cout << ":";
	cout << st.wSecond;
	cout << ")";
	cout << " -> ";
	cout << pcName;
	cout << " -> ";
	cout << userName << endl;

	system ("PAUSE");
	return 0;

And in the other runs/tests i'v been using GetAsyncKeyState() to detect the keystrokes. Anybody have any lessons to teach me? biggrin.png 
Thanks a lot on advantage. Sincerly Wunder..

C++ / opengl/glut - Text rendering

03 October 2013 - 12:35 PM

Hiii guys (: 

I dont know if this is the right place, but i thought of it as pretty basic, which just makes this more embaresing d: 

i have tried some functions for displaying text, and i made a couple of them work. Cant remember excatly how i wrote it but something like; 

void DrawText(float x, float y, char *string, ...)
    int len = (int)strlen(string);
    for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
         glutBitmapCharacter(Thefont, (int)string[i]);

u should get the idea ^^
Anyways i made it work "kinda", it shows the text, but i cant make it show my vars' like;

DrawText(200, 200, "MouseX; %d", mouseX);

Then it just types "MouseX %d" on the screen (:
Anyfixes? ^^
Sincerly Wunder..

C++ 2D Isometric map problem

27 July 2013 - 02:21 PM

Hii guys (: 

i'm having a little trouble "converting" my tilemap to an isometric tile map. 

Or i'm not really converting, actualy writing the code all over, but i cannot make the freaking "isometric map" work. 

Is there anybody in here, knowing a good homeside, tutorial anything really about it. Cos i have been looking all over the internet for a fix. but i can only find java samples and such, and everytime i try converting them into c++, i fail :D 

So i reeeeeallly need help guys :D 
Thanks for your time, sincerly Wunderstrudel. 

C++ Minigame textures

18 June 2013 - 05:43 PM

Hi guys (: 

I'm am quite new to C++, have only been coding it for a couple of days now (: 

Bur still i have managed to code myself a little game of "Catch me if you can".

But now i have the problem "Textures" / Sprites. I can only really find explanations on how to do it with 3D, which i'm am not using biggrin.png 
Can any one tell me how, or refere me to a website or something? ^^ 


(Also how to display "Text / Messages" in my window. Like Scores, names and so on)


(I would like them for my char, background and so on) (: 


Thanks ^^