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problem with my text rendering

25 September 2014 - 07:24 PM

Hey folks,


I have an issue with my text renderer and I'm trying to solve it for days now.

It's pretty hard to explain the problem. It's some kind of ghosting around my rendered text (text is rendered without aa).


But have a look for yourself.


Attached File  app_text.jpg   18.73KB   0 downloads

Attached File  pix_text.jpg   18.03KB   0 downloads


First one is an actual screenshot taken in the application (C++, Directx11, Windows), the second one is taken in pix.

As you can see pix can't output the ghosting in their debug rendering and shows the output i was expecting to see.


These are the things I already checked and shouldn't cause the issue.


- sampler is a point sampler

- no alpha blending applied

- uv offsets and size of the rectangle should be fine.

- font atlas looks alright (created with freetype, rendererd in monochrome = no anti aliasing)


If my explanations were to sparse just let me know.


Any ideas/suggestions are very welcome.