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Why are RTS games becoming unpopular?

27 January 2015 - 08:34 PM

Call me a skeptic if you must, but I think most would agree that there are fewer players enjoying RTS games and as a result fewer games being developed for the genre.


Currently the last champions of RTS have been reduced to a few significant names, Starcraft 2 that has seen a decline with its e-sports centric audience (most likely mobbing towards the ever popular MOBA genre) and Command & Conquer which had its last official released game panned by Critics and abandoned by fans(Company of Heroes 2 is the other other recent RTS example). The attempt to make a Free to Play C&C apparently failed as well, it’s pretty damning to see the two biggest names in a once popular genre fail to keep a foot hold as they once had.


In a competitive environment they can be quite difficult to play, and quite stressful at times due to how unforgiving they are. More so than team games. This can scare a lot of people away in the long term. The thing to keep in mind is that because there is no reliance on a team, all losses and any mistakes are 100% the fault of the player. This leads to a lot of bruised egos. Also because of this difficulty, it is very difficult to play 1v1 in a casual way, especially right now. Most of the lowest level players have dropped out so anyone just starting is going to be facing some fairly tough competition compared to if they started even a year back.


Most of the people I know who switched from SC2 to DOTA/League did so because they like the team atmosphere and find it less stressful to play.


For non-competitive RTS, it seems like many of the developers have been stuck in a bit of a rut. The Creative Assembly games have been all kinda bland for the last couple, and CnC is basically dead. AoE Online was a bit of a bust so whether or not we will see something new from that series I don't know.


I'm a huge fan for innovation in the genre such as the RPG elements introduced in Warcraft 3 or the focus on capturing bases/checkpoints in Dawn of War / Z and wish to see more of this as I believe it's one of the things to draw players back into the scene. That and perhaps innovating the multiplayer experience to more social for the more casual market that's available.



Is your IDE hot or not?

11 June 2014 - 06:14 AM

I’m a typeface geek, and when it comes to selecting a font I’ll stare at all day, I tend to be pretty picky. Recently, when I discovered that a friend was using a sub par typeface (too horrible to name here) for his Terminal and coding windows, my jaw dropped, my heart sank a little, and I died a bit inside.
Color schemes are another thing users should be weary of. It's debatable that dark fonts on light backgrounds provide a better reading experience, but I'm a fan of the darker themes so my eyes don't start bleeding after staring at the monitor for several continuous hours.
So what setup are you currently rockin'? Post 'em now!

Adobe products for mobile development

10 June 2014 - 01:10 AM

It's been over six years since I last used any adobe products, but I'm interested in utilizing them again for the mobile development features that have been added. I simply need to know what are the bare bone essentials required to get through the development process.


If possible I'd like the following features from the software:

  • iOS publishing from a windows machine (and obviously android)
  • Vector graphics software
  • Skeletal animation software
  • A few frameworks to play with like Box2D

After looking at the Adobe website I can see that they give away a free Skeletal animation program (Dragon bones), but the rest I'm not so sure about. I'm not made of money so will Flash CS6 be all I need to create quality games like Angry Birds and have them published to all platforms, or do I also need to purchase other tools like Flash-Builder and Adobe Illustrator?


I don't need lots of bells and whistles but if anyone could recommend a good collection of tools to make the development process easier that would be great. I don't remember them having so many different applications and I'm too overwhelmed by them all.


EDIT* After a bit more research I see that Flash CS6 and possibly even 5 have more than enough capabilities to perform what I desire. Looks like there's no way to publish to the app store without a mac though, but looks like one can just be borrowed after I've developed from a windows machine.

Quitting Addictions

22 May 2014 - 11:49 PM

This is probably one of the worst forums to discuss this, but it's the only one I have an account on so what the hell.


If there are any other fools such as myself who have taken up smoking or other harmful acts/substances and are trying to quit let's make this a place to keep track of our progress and vent about our temporarily fragile and delicate emotions. I turned 21 almost a week ago and decided to quit my unholy Quadfecta of addictions/unhealthy habits (drinking, FAPPING, smoking, and party drugs) after my final celebration.


Currently as I look at my timer it's been 4 days and 15 hours since I last indulged in any of the previous frivolities. A lot may not think it's no big deal to make it this far but golly gosh I feel different already. Just decided to write this post as it feels like all 4 cravings are attacking me mercilessly at the moment though and I need to distract myself for a bit until they subdue.


The main thing that's been bugging me in the battle so far is how jittery I've become, but that's probably just from all the coffee I've been trying to fill the void with. The positives outweigh the negatives though and if I see this all through I'm sure I'll feel like a million bucks by the end of it; especially since preemptively getting a gym membership with the money I assume I'll be saving from not relapsing.


Enough about me though, is anyone else making a change for the better or have you done so in the past? Got any words of wisdom, or frightful things to say about what will happen if I relapse? Most importantly words of motivation that people can read when going through particularly tough bouts of their addictions.

Your first completed game

16 May 2014 - 10:55 AM

So you've just finished your first game, or perhaps you retain some fond memories from completing your first piece of shit barely functional pong clone created in your misspent youth? Come share your experience, what you learned, and what you would do differently.


Not including the awful text based games we've all dabbled with I just completed my first game where I didn't just simply follow a tutorial. Bow down and behold my marvelous Tetris clone Falling Blocks. Take my word that it doesn't contain any viruses... or don't; it's an awful game and you're not missing out on much by not playing it.




The whole experience was mostly smooth having already touched on most areas of programming other than the graphical part. That being said drawing shapes onto a screen caused me more grief than I anticipated. I worked with the Libgdx framework hoping to publish the game on android devices but having rendered the shapes onto the screen in pixels opposed to fractions of the screens dimensions turned out catastrophic.


Creating my own game from scratch taught me more than any tutorial or article ever could. Even though at first I doubted my abilities to create things such as basic collision checking algorithms it proved to be not as daunting as I initially thought. Although it's such a basic thing I realized that I hardly even had the ability to think; being forced to sit down and create my own algorithms really strengthened this fundamental skill.


If I could have done things differently I would have first completed the boring parts of the game such as the menu screen and basically anything that isn't the game play itself. Having created the actual game first I lost nearly all motivation to even remotely finish the other features that normally come with a completed game. It was a real struggle to put in simple things such as the score bar from the lack of motivation so that's my tip to all other newbies; finish of the boring crap first or you're likely not to include it at all.


How was the whole journey for everyone else?