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Thinking of a Classic JRPG Design. Help me understand

19 June 2013 - 08:28 PM

Hi Everyone!


I am "new" to programming --- although I know what code looks like, and in theory I understand what code does, I have no real experience with practically applying it in art.


I have always want to make a game. I am a passable artist, and I am a creative writer, but I know my lack of ability in actual programming is a hinderence if I actually want to make said game.


So, I have finally decided, at the ripe age of 31, to really focus on learning how to program. I just started tonight.


Anyway, I've had the creative juices going and I wanted to verify whether this is the right path to be thinking, or if I am completely wrong.


With a classic RPG in might, let's talk about the Function for the world map. Let's say that the world map is a 256x256 grid. Specific cordinates in the grid will take the player to a different location, maybe a town or a dungeon.


So, at the beginning of the world map function, would I have the program allocate the specific location datas into memory, then use pointers to point to the memory area containing the data (town or dungeon data), which would set at the specific coordinates?


Example: if I wanted the player to be taken into a city area at coordinate 100x100, a pointer would be placed at those coordinate, directing the program to take the player into that area?