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In Topic: I made a working alternative Finally block for C++ exceptions. Opinions welco...

22 August 2015 - 01:10 AM

You don't seem to know how finally works:

See the Java code below.

Your code would not execute the finally. However in Java it will execute the finally.

Finally is always called in Java unless you:

  • Call system.exit()
  • Another thread interrupts this one
  • The JVM crashes

Ofcourse a C++ finally needs to mirror this.

public class Main {
	public static void main(String args[]) {
	public static int something() {
		int success = 1;
		int failure = -1;
		try {  
		    return success;  
		catch (Exception e) {   
		    return failure;  
		finally {  
		    System.out.println("Will always be printed");
		System.out.println("Wil never be printed");
	public static void exceptionthrower() throws Exception {
		throw new Exception();

In Topic: Computer Science vs Software Engineering

14 March 2014 - 01:42 PM

So only people with degrees in CS and Engineering can succeed in the Game development/software business?


This is not the point of this discussion.


Whatever way you look at it.

Having a degree is an advantage.


It's not necessary but it's an advantage.

In Topic: Where do I go next?

17 February 2014 - 10:19 AM


SDL is not a language. You may not have made this mistake had you started actually coding something and gotten hands-on experience with API’s.

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to refer to it as a language, I was simply meaning that I could do it using the library, however I was trying to say that I was unsure about starting to learn and do those things in other languages, such as c#.


Anyone can say that they can do something.

But there is a big difference between thinking you can do it and actually doing it.


I might actually believe I can do something. But that doesn't mean anything.

It doesn't give the experience you get from actually doing it.

In Topic: Pure Java or LWJGL?

06 February 2014 - 08:14 AM

Didn't see the date 

In Topic: Have you made a game engine

12 January 2014 - 08:25 AM

I did break down the engine features and there is one i haven't asked about because unlike other parts of an engine, this feature is not in any existing engine so google searching yields no related results.

May I ask what feature this is? (that doesn't exist enywhere else)