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11 July 2013 - 02:49 PM

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone else had participated in this past weekend's Molyjam. Apparently there were around 50 other cities in the world participating in this three day jam. I went to the one in LA at Magic Pixel studios and was pretty much the only 2D animator there, so I got to mingle with a lot of people and work on two different projects.


If anyone's interested in seeing what people were able to do in just three days, the link bellow has alot of the games created. Not all have been uploaded yet, but there's still an overwhelming number there.



It was a super fun and exhausting experience, and I got to meet a ton of programmers, a few artists, and a few company owners. I even got two job offers, so I guess it pays to be the only person with a particular skill present at these events. The industry professional to student ratio felt about 75 25 in favor of professionals too! Something I suppose I would expect in Los Angeles.


The lesson here is probably network network network. Don't go to a jam and work in a corner by yourself the whole time. Meet and mingle, see what other people are working on. SHARE ideas. Don't forget to eat something of actual nutritional value, drink lots of water.


Also, don't switch platforms in the middle of the jam. One of the projects I did a ton of animation for may not be uploaded any time soon -.-


So I survived my first jam and haven't died at work yet this week! Thought I'd post my experience and see if anyone else was jamming!

Intro Thread? Intro Thread!

26 June 2013 - 07:03 PM

Greetings Gamedev!:

I hope intro threads are ok. I browsed and browsed and there didn't seem to be an "Introduce yourself" forum. I was referred to this site by a friend, and want to jump in. I'm eager to join this community, get sound advice, learn, and contribute as well. Hopefully this post doesn't come off too long winded.

To state where I am right now, I have been working in 2D animation in Los Angeles for 6 years now. I'm currently stationed at Warner Brothers working on MAD: The Animated Series. I've also worked on Metalocalypse, China Illinois, and other pilots and commercials during my time out here. Half a year ago, I felt my face pressed up against the glass ceiling that is the animation industry. Even if I got my own pilot greenlit, I'd still be handing it off to a faceless boardroom and being paid a flat fee to develop it. The spirit of entrepreneurship, indie gaming, and sidestepping into a new industry has since taken me over, and this is the most excited I've been about a personal project in a long time.

My goal is the same as tons and tons of other people: Start my own game company, make money, create jobs, and meet new amazing people along the way.


Success in the TV Animation Industry

Strong network of Angelino BG artists, character artists, game designers, sound designers, and composers

Competent environment and character concept art skills

Money saved to live without income for 2 years AND fund small indie projects in the 2-5k range (Union gigs rule) as well as pay for marketing

Seeks out constructive criticism/ separates ego from work

Passionate, knows how to put in the hours



Minimal game industry experience

Currently 0 coding or programming skill

Currently 0 programmers in social circle/network

Has not yet completed a game.

40 hr work week means I don't have as much time at my disposal as I may like/need.

Still learning just how much I don't know.

Can be overzealous, get tunnel vision at times. (Filed for LLC before having a completed game)


As of right now, I have a game idea that I have tested with friends on paper, done concept art, and written up a gamedoc for. It was suggested to me that I continue game testing with more people, as well as hire someone to quickly build a working prototype, so that I may more easily court someone from the programming community. Things are very low risk at the moment as I am still working, so I feel there's no time like the present to get that first game done and maybe level up as a game creator.

My biggest concern right now is less time to execute things due to the full 40hr work week. I'm assuming other people on here make games while juggling a full time gig. How are yall handling that?


Any other thoughts or general hello theres welcome, and hopefully I can give back by contributing to the creative forums as well!


Thanks for reading!