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In Topic: Advice on... Everything.

30 June 2013 - 12:50 PM




Then I re-recommend QtCreator as a possible solution. Also, you could make yourself a Knoppix CD and run linux from disc. It'd be legit, and Linux has tons of programming tools you could use.

He can't make pong. You expect him to be able to run Linux? Go buy Windows 8. It's cheap. The hardware requirements are low. And really you have no excuse not to. Especially if you actually want to program something.

She can't make pong because she doesn't have a working build environment, not because of her specs lol. Why spend money on something like Windows 8 when Ubuntu is just as good and is basically made for programming? (not going to say better because I don't want to start a flame war about what the best Os is lol). I use windows 8 and it is good(fast booting times,clean metro ui, vibrant wallpapers), but I wouldn't recommend actually buying it unless it came with your pc.



I still don't buy that. She can't make pong because she doesn't have a working build environment. But you send her to use Linux, which is a bit more complicated in use than Windows. Plus, she didn't know that there is such thing as a live CD. I don't use Linux and I know that.


If Ubuntu works for her, great. But when anyone is using a pirated version of XP, didn't know to get a Linux OS in the first place, and has refused to buy an actual OS. I tend to believe that their technical skill is lacking somewhat.


50x50px-ZC-09525b54_are_you_kidding_me_r ok.

1. I knew what a live CD is. I'm not a moron. the only reason I never used one was because of the fact that I wasn't sure which one I should use, and I never had a real reason to set one up, because most of the time all I'm doing on this thing is reading textbooks, and coding in other languages which I already have IDE's set up for.

it really didn't matter that much for me until just now.

2. I knew to get  a linux OS. again. I'm not a moron. the only reason I never did, was because I was reluctant to partition my hard drive, and as for live systems, refer back to number one. I've tried the wubi setup for ubuntu as well, but my computer sucks at being a computer, as mentioned previously. 

3. I just set up linux on a live cd, and it was as easy as it gets. in what universe was this difficult. seriously. 

I admit I'm new, but I'm not an idiot.

and thanks for openly insulting me. that was nice too.

In Topic: Advice on... Everything.

27 June 2013 - 09:21 PM

thank all of you, this was exactly what I needed! 

I've gotten knoppix running, and it was the greatest thing I have ever done for this computer.

I think I'll try to use QTcreator, but I'll still keep everyone's ideas in mind! ^^

thanks again!

In Topic: Advice on... Everything.

26 June 2013 - 10:29 PM

Then I re-recommend QtCreator as a possible solution. Also, you could make yourself a Knoppix CD and run linux from disc. It'd be legit, and Linux has tons of programming tools you could use.

oh my god thank you so much for this.
you have absolutely no idea how much i needed this link.
I've been trying to get Linux to run with Ubuntu, but every time it just craps out on me.
I've spent weeks trying to get Ubuntu to work.
you have saved my life on every level.
I'm doing this first thing tomorrow.

In Topic: Advice on... Everything.

26 June 2013 - 10:01 PM

Try running the 2008 or 2010 versions of visual studio(are you getting visual basic and visual studio mixed up?). The 2012 versions are built for windows 8 and pretty much run like molasses on 7 or XP(if you are running vista or before XP, try Linux instead).Is the problem with your computer its age, or is it a cheapy laptop? Beware the seemingly humble laptop, unless you pay big bucks it will have many problems.]Why did you try to learn so many languages? Pick one and focus on it. Even if you can't seem to fix a bug and your getting frustrated, don't give up, just take a break and come back to it later. I just spent 2 days trying to fix a problem where the textures on my buttons weren't showing up, and in the end I had just misspelled the file extension on my PNGs. Have you actually started coding in SFML or are stuck on the setup? I had a really hard time trying to get SFML to work.How much C++ have you done before now? Do you feel like you fully understand variables, classes, pointers, and functions?You may want to spend more time with the cosnsole before moving on to libraries.If you can't wait to make games, consider focusing on HTML/Javascript or Python instead.

well, hah, the fact that I can't run Visual Basic is a really long story...
so my operating system is a pirated version of windows XP, and since it's pirated, windows won't let me update it with regular windows updates.
and because of its inability to update, I can't run Visual Basic, or try to download it, because most of the prerequisite software doesn't exist.
it's a pain in the ass, but it's all I've got.
that and I can't run Linux because I don't have any hardware to run it with. (the wubi setup crashes too. I've tried thousands of times).
so I have to get by with this shitbasket.

I tried learning so many languages because when I was starting out I was just so amazed by everything out there, and I went into complete sensory overload with the power I could wield with programming.
so I tried EVERYTHING.
I was even considering learning assembly, but by that point i realized I was out of control.
(those were dark days....)

I'm stuck on the setup with sfml, yeah.

and as for the c++ I know, I know a bit, i suppose.