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In Topic: Looking to Hire a Team

27 November 2013 - 05:58 PM

Thanks Tom for filling in =)

Unity have a free version and on there website you have a lot of information already and I'm sure if you goolge Unity vs Unreal, you will find people ocmparing the two

In Topic: Online courses / material to strengthen CV

26 November 2013 - 12:58 PM

I think the best way for you to go is to make games, find people on forums to get together to make a game. You have knowledge in both android and unity, come up with an idea or find an artist that have an idea, get together and do something, might be shit, but remember the experience from it, all experience you gain is worth something, even if it's shit experience, take what you learned from it and tell them at the job interview what you did and what you learned from it.


Even do your own projects in your free time, set goal when you are going to be done with the game, very imporant and tell a friend that he/she should bug you with questions about the game and what is happening and not letting you off the hook.

Here is something I wrote as an answer on another post:
Something that they tought me at school which is many people have told me is a great way, both in interviews and on resume & coverletters, calling STAR
S - Situation, what situation where you in? What was the problem/oppertunity? (10%)
T - Task, what is your task, where you working as project manager? lead developer? (10%)
A - Action, what did you do to solve the problem or making use of the oppertunity (40%)
R - Result, how did it turn out? (40%)

The procent, meaning what the employer is looking for, the most important is what you did do and what the result is, talk alot about this and make it broad.


S - Situation: Working with a 3D game in unity where there was very long loading times everywhere in the game, I realise that the game testers didn't like waiting this long for the game to load and got fustrated and we had problem in the team to find the time to fix this problem.
T - Task: I was working as a AI programmer
A - Action: I took a few long nights to dig into the code to figure out what the problem was, I saw that the game re-rendered most of the objects and saw flaws in the AI coding that made some heavy prestandad loops that was not nessecery
R - Result: The game was loading 75% faster and the games was starting to run in 60FPS and not 20FPS, the game testers started to love our game, we got an award for best optimized game at school

I'm not a programmer and some of this might not br accurate, I hope you still will get the point I'm trying to get across

This is very usefull to use when they say: this is a very competitive market and you don't have experience, tell them that you are vell aware of it and that you got this knowledge and experience from your project and schools, tell them that you might not have industry experience, but you know what you are doing, it all about how you sell yourself in this industry =)


and you are TA at a school? talk to them? that a school FULL of people with talent and people who wants to get experience and try different things, I'm sure you can find a sound person and a artist to get together and make something cool together =)

so... go out and make more GAMES! god damn it! stop reading... make stuff! =)

In Topic: [GAME UPDATED] My first 3D game, Onslaught

26 November 2013 - 12:43 PM

Can you please upload new Mac version, the link dosn't work, only gets me to Onslaughts main site and please edit your first post with some imagire from the game =)

In Topic: Wuli Adventure (Capcom/Disney style)

26 November 2013 - 12:41 PM

Looks like a really nice game =) is it avaliable to try playing it?

something that I saw was that when throwing knife at the guard, he didn't have any indication that you hit him with a knife, you might have already fixed that, other than that, I want to try it =)

In Topic: Project Shyknight released

26 November 2013 - 12:39 PM

No Mac? oO just kidding, looks like a great puzzle game, thinking about also making a web browser release? easy to spread to people and can be played on all platforms?