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The Blue Code

26 November 2013 - 01:24 PM



The Blue Code is a 2D Point & Click adventure game where you play as Lisa who have just lost her husband Archeblad and now you have to drag around with Glitch who appeard from nowhere.


This is in a land ruled by the Mad King who was jelous of Lisa and Archebald, since he has been alone for such a long time, he went to the wizard to tell him to fix Archeblad once and for all, but something went wrong... or did it?

Will Lisa fall in love with the Mad King? or will Lisa find Archebald and restore their love? and who the *piip* is Glitch?



The Blue Code is my final project I did during my time at Vancouver FIlm Schools course, Entertainment Business Management and this is the first video game this course have ever produced. The course itself is to prepare you as a producer, event manager, project manager for the entertainment industry. This game is developed within a time frame of 3 months and we are looking to tweek some things and for summer 2014, we will launch a kickstarter and we will take the game from there.

The game is avaliable here:




Please like us =)

and play the game and provide us with feedback, we want to make this game AWESOME! =)

Find the numbers - Point & Click Adventure Games

08 October 2013 - 01:34 PM

Hello =)

I'm putting together a investor package for my game, The Blue code, you can see more about it here: Facebook

even play a really early version here: Click Here

and to be able to convince people that this is a good idea, I need numbers to back the whole thing up, example, sales numbers for Point & Click adventure games, not going back more then five years. Or revenue for companies and games, same thing here, not going back more then five years

Where can I find this information, tried google around, but nothing good showed up