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Topics I've Started

Is Unity 2D worth it?

11 May 2014 - 02:53 PM

Hey guys, I've decided to make some projects on mobile game development with a friend, we are both very experienced in programming overall, and I have some experience in game development with C++ and Unity.
From what we have seen, we can either program it in Java or C# with Unity, the problem is I HATE Java.

So my question to you is, am i really doomed to swallow my hatred and work with Java or is Unity 2D really worth it? I've heard that you have to convert it to make it operational and that may lead to slower and heavier programs etc.

Thank you very much in advance.

How to write a undertemined size array to a txt file?

22 October 2013 - 02:28 PM

Hey guys, I'm doing a Text-based RPG game and it will include some checkpoints, on those checkpoints the game will save the progress, so I need to write all my variables to a text file and then read them all when the player loads the game.

Some of my variables, like enemyNames, dont have any determined size, they're like this: "int enemyNames[ ];"

So how do I write an array to a text file without determining a size?
And how do I read them when the player loads the game?

Thank you so much for your help.

C++ with SDL, help on how to create a 2D map

17 August 2013 - 12:10 PM

Hey guys,


I'll begin by telling you exactly what I'm doing and then telling what kind of help I need.


What I'm doing:

I've been learning C++ and I've been learning how to do a text-based RPG game. It's something simple, you have a storyline to follow, classes, NPC's to talk to, combat system, menu system, equipping items system, etc etc.


- I have a fair knowledge of C++;

- I don't know how to, like, do checkpoints through I/O files (i think that's the correct term, forgive me if not).

- I have yet to start learning SDL.


What I want help with:

In that game, I want to have a simple 2D map that will help the player to know where he/she is to make the game much less confusing. This map will appear above the text and I want it to change as the player advances in the game, like:



|  o  |

|___|       (Player Location is "o")


You wake up in the middle of a forest bla bla bla a path goes North.

1: Go north


(player presses 1)


|      |

| __ |

|  o  |


|      |



bla bla bla bla the path continues to the north.

1: Go north



Get it?

Now I want to do this with SDL to make it easier so i don't have to build the map in C++ everytime I write a new area.


How can you help me:


I need a good tutorial (text or video, it's indifferent) that explains me how to build this kind of map for this purpose in SDL.


Does anyone know such a thing?

Can I learn how to do this by simply learning SDL?

Is there any other (preferrably simpler) way of doing this?


Thank you so much in advance.

Advices for a student completely new to game dev

02 July 2013 - 01:05 PM

Hey guys, so, I'm in a programming course wich includes learning programming languages, having network and hardware knowledge, but what i reeeally wanna follow is game development.


Throughout these last 2 years (the course is 3 years long as it is like 10th, 11th and 1th grade) I've learned Pascal for basic programming knowledge (functions, procedures, conditions, etc), HTML, CSS, a little bit of PHP, SQL and Visual Basic, I think next year we're going to learn Java I guess.


I don't mind developing some Android games just for fun and a little profit, but for that and computer games I need to learn C++, right?

So i have 2 questions:


- Can anyone post a link or something like that for a good guide on how to learn C++ "easily"? (Preferrably more redirectioned for game dev).

- I have searched a bit for Game Dev engines and I haven't tried any yet, shall I learn c++ first then try an engine, vice-versa or at the same time?


Any more information just ask, and thank you very much in advance smile.png