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Topics I've Started

oTakhi Platform: Object Composition

30 June 2015 - 10:56 AM

For those who are familiar with Object-Oriented Design Pattern, this tutorial video demonstrates our new design tool addition - the ability to embed reusable components following the best practice of designing reusable OO software using object composition.








oTakhi Platform is a cloud-based game development platform.  Developers use top-down object-oriented design patterns to wrap lower level codes (javacript, webgl shader code, and emscripten-compiled c/c++ code) into reusable components and assemble them into applications in our visual editor using mostly drag and drop.


For more information, please visit our tutorial video archives.

oTakhi Platform: Genetic Algorithm Utility Library

12 March 2015 - 09:01 AM

Consider the following setup.  A population of 500 individuals, each with a chromosome of randomly generated printable characters, is subjected to (1) random selective breeding (chromosome crossover), (2) survival of the fittest, and (3) adaptation by learning, while freely evolve in a simulated environment.  At each generation, the fitness of an individual is evaluated as the distance between its chromosome and a target string:  


"The very essence of instinct is that it's followed independently of reason."


The adaptation stage uses a simple hill-climbing algorithm to advance each character of the chromosome.  This simulation is performed for 100 generations.  At the end of each generation, the fitness score and chromosome of the highest ranked individual (the fittest) are displayed.


Click this link to watch this evolution in action (click the play button at the bottom right to enter runtime mode):




The jsGAUL droplet is a direct port of the Genetic Algorithm Utility Library in C++ to Javascript.



oTakhi Platform: Open Motion Planning Library

11 March 2015 - 11:47 AM

Dear game developers,


I am pleased to announce that we have successfully ported Open Motion Planning Library in C++ to javascript and it is now accessible on the web.  Specifically, we included it in our special web object format called droplet and published to our repository.


Without registration, you can see jsOMPL in action here in our public component testbed called Petri Dish:





(Performing multi-objective path planning on a 2D canvas.)

oTakhi platform is an application and game development platform for the web.
It features a top-down object-oriented design pattern that allows users to wrap lower level codes (JS, C, C++, HTML) and assets (images, videos, 3D models) into reusable components and optionally share with others to build applications and games in our web-based editor. 



oTakhi Platform: Texture Alchemy

18 December 2014 - 11:34 PM

We would like to share this tutorial video that best describes our dynamic texture generation workflow.



oTakhi Platform is a top-down object oriented game development platform for the web.

It enables you to wrap any lower level assets and codes into reusable components.

Like LEGO pieces, they can then be combined, or optionally shared, to build your games or apps in our editor.


You can view all our previous tutorial videos here: 



Happy Holidays

Web-Based Vector Graphic Engine and Dynamic Motion Synthesis

10 December 2014 - 08:16 AM

For those who don't know, oTakhi Platform is a top-down object-oriented game development platform for the web. 

We are very pleased to release our new timeline-based Vector Graphic Animation Engine featuring Dynamic Motion Synthesis.


Here is Flappy Bird tutorial and its performance test video:




And an introduction video to our vector graphic engine in general.





Your feedback is very much appreciated.


You can find all our previous tutorial videos here:




Can't wait to play with our engine?  You can test drive it here without registration: