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Pink Horror

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Having trouble editing a post

02 March 2014 - 11:31 PM

I tried to link to the Wikipedia article "You aren't gonna need it" in the beginner's forum. The quote feature says that post="5136009".

The first time in I saw that the link title was cut off at the single quote in the address of that page, so I tried to fix it up. The fix up still left the link as broken, but now when I try to edit the post, much of the text looks like it's missing or messed up, so I don't want to touch it any more. The text is still visible in the thread and the quote system seems to give different text than the edit system.

I'm sure I made some mistake for however a link with a single quote in it is supposed to work, but I should also be able to see all the text in the editor when I try to fix it.