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Journal Entries

Viadukt Dev-Journal > Purgatory - sniping prototype

Posted 04 August 2013

Hey there,

I created the special ability "Sniping" for player characters. It allows to deal a higher amount of damage if triggered correctly. This gameplay element also shall make the combat system more varied. Right now I am using the "Attack" animation for this ability.


I am planning to equip each chara...

Viadukt Dev-Journal > (Dev: #3) A first look at "Purgatory"

Posted 29 July 2013

Hello folks,

before I start presenting my newest accomplishements I want to thank Macoy Madson for his great article General Tips on the Process of Solo Game Development . The article helped me a lot and also showed me how change my approaches for the better.

What happened since my last entry.

As promised I sat down and created a whole new con...

Viadukt Dev-Journal > Dev: #2 (I do not quit. I just want clean solutions)

Posted 17 July 2013

Hi there,

I have done some planning and coding for a while before my first post so this one was actually finished some weeks ago. Like I said I was gathering some ideas for a topdown shooter . So the first thing I did were some artworks if you can call them artworks. They looked like this:

What I needed first was a simple spritesheet for a character...

Viadukt Dev-Journal > Dev: #1

Posted 17 July 2013

Hello everyone,

in my first entry I want to introduce myself and explain what I am going to do.

1. Until now

I started to play around with game developement especially with XNA a long time ago. In this time I created on small projects which never got finished. For example the Quizgame , where question were read from XML-files. Here I learned the basic...