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Getting Started (Realm Game Coding)

19 July 2013 - 02:16 AM

Hello Everybody, I have been currently (albiet slowly) working on the concept for a game called realm.  If you want to read about the game design head over to the other thread i have in the creative section. 




Anyway i've received a bit of feedback on this game as well as talking to my friends about this game and i think i'm ready for the technical side to begin now that i have a basic concept.  I am a novice programmer and I am familiar with Object oriented programming in Java, C, and C++.  I have minimal scripting knowledge, mainly from modding, and simple modding at that. 


I just don't know where to start with this game. What should I code first and what language should I use? I'm thinking C++ and use that to generate a Text based version of the game since it is going to be turn based and just work on the basic methods and then work on the UI and graphics. 


I have been told that using a game engine such as Unity or Unreal might be useful but i'm unsure of that prospect. I have no experience with graphics but I am willing to learn to get this project off the ground.  I don't know what will be easier or what will be create a better game experience so i'm open to ideas.  I don't know if i should do my own Graphics coding or if i should use an engine. 


Also a core point of the game is that there will be a way for players to create their own campaigns and content, Worlds, classes, races, items, skills, sound, objectives and every other mechanic that i will use, i may not use them all but whatever mechanic i use i want it to have a creator. That may be difficult but i would like to know how that can be done if i should include it in the game or have a separate dev kit. 


I just don't know where to start. Once i have a great deal of base code that is actually testable i will post it and hopefully Realm will show some promise. 


Everyone thank you for your contribution. 

Game Design Feedback (Realm)

07 July 2013 - 12:08 AM

Alright so i want to start diving into game design.  I enjoy programming and playing games of all sorts both video and tabletop games so i am an avid gamer.  I have devised a game concept called Realm.  Though I am new to game programming i am half decent at programming. Overall my design philosophy is that this is a side project for me, i want to make a fun and enjoyable game. 


Right now i'm working on a design overview before i begin the first text-based pre-alpha code. The game will include graphics but text based to get the basic methods ready and working. Before I begin working i would like a bit of feedback


The game Realm is a Baldur's Gate style of game in essence it is an RPG on computer in the most general sense. The idea of the game is that the player creates a character and will play through a campaign of my design. I play D&D, CoC, and other RPGs so i have had experience in writing stories. Back to design one of the things i want to implement is a well formatted Co-op and Adventure Creator so other people can create their own campaigns for their friends to play with them. Even allow the creation of different worlds.  Far Future, Apocalypse, High fantasy, any setting can be made if enough time and effort is put into it (of course i wouldn't be able to create all libraries however the game would be open to the Mod community and encouraged to make such content).   Above all i want to be different, new and innovative but i also want the game to be enjoyable, fun and easy to pick up for anyone who enjoys genres of games of that sort. 


I now have a direction i want to take my game it is going to be a 3D turn based game in mechanics however currently it might use a QTE mechanic to give combat and things of that nature more interest because that is often the problem i find with turn based games is that the games often become button mashers. I want to avoid that.  Because its an RPG i want players to make meaningful decisions and that what they are doing has impact. I think the main campaign adventure that i create to come with the game will be a Fallen High Fantasy Setting basically the setting is that things like elves, magic, and all those things were once in the world but now they have come to pass and the world now contains few if any of its ancient remnants.  I'll have to work more on the story but i think i have  something in mind. 


Thank you all so much in advance.