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Basis: Bone and Sprite Integration System

28 July 2013 - 07:57 AM

Hi! My first post here. I am Spanish. My English is not good. Sorry!


I only wanted to bring your attention upon the campaign of crowfunding for a completely free tool (according to authors): Basis.


What is Basis?


"Basis is a 2d animation program for skeletal, sprite, and game level creation. Its efficient design promotes swift, high quality work."


I invite you to that you take a look at this.. This is the link.


It seems VERY interesting. I do not know no other free comparable/similar tool. Am I wrong? Perhaps Synfig Studio. On the other hand Spine (apparenty a very similar tool) is a commercial competitor. I was considering use Blender for 2D Sprite Animation... :-|


What opinion do you have about this?