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In Topic: Complexity of Modular defense systems in my game(Modulus)

10 November 2014 - 03:35 AM

Except for a missile warhead that that interupts all C&C functions,  I haven't put any ECM system in.    What I have considered is allowing you to turn the radars one and off, with the radars vastly increasing the chance of detection when active.    It would be possible to to create a jamming effect though (Radar code works by applying energy, energy bleed-off rate could be increased).  All this could mean allot more though if one idea I had came to fruition.  A proper battlegroup/fleet cooperative engagement system.  This way a flag or C&C ship could coordinate defenses without fires overlapping.  That and one ship could have its radars's radiating(and this taking a massive detection penalty) while the others remain on standby but able to fire on that ships contacts..     

In Topic: Complexity of Modular defense systems in my game(Modulus)

09 November 2014 - 04:11 AM

Thanks you replying!   I was starting to think my fixation on defensive sensors and systems was out of place heh.   Since I made the previous post I have re-coded my radar system and now support a much more realistic model,  as well as supporting  3 distant types of radar,  navigational(longer wave)  rotating mast type,  directional (90 degree arcs) specialized defense system radars modeled on phased array panel types, and a mixed mode type that gives both types of functionality but at much degraded performance at cost equivalence to the other two.  I also made a separate class of "combat computer" s  that add to the total defensive tracks a ship can support.  


 < Simple visualization of radar coverage.


The most critical thing during a battle seems to be knowing why things are going right or wrong. If you have lots of individual specializations I wonder if there will be difficulty accounting for why things are going wrong. Mileage may vary, though, on the pace of the battle, of course. Slow and stately capital ship battles I think can stand lots of specialization because there's more time to react when things start going south. Another big factor might be in interface tells: Does a specific effect, such as obscuring snow or interface flickers, happen when a specific component gets damaged? That might help a lot even if things are fast paced.


Things in the video happen very fast due to the enemy ships being legacy and being generally unable to survive under the heavy fire of the ships I built. Screen obscuring effects don't make too much sense beyond the mothership(as that is supposedly your point of command).  There is another view you can switch too that pauses the action, but I was thinking of doing another more indepth and informative version.  

In Topic: Space RTS design quandary!

13 February 2014 - 12:32 AM

The concept is not score, but progression.   The player will start with a fairly restrictive deploy-able tonnage and ship count(level one hull sections are rated at one ton, level five at 32 tons, this is directly proportional to their hit points).   Combined with spending tech points to unlock stuff  these limits will force players to build ships for specific usage and tactics. The reason for the ship repository is for players to build a ship, send it to repository and remove it from the field so it doesn't count against the limit. 


Currently the plan is to have a boss ship in each solar system and destroying that will increase the tonnage/ship count limit a bit each time. 


'Instant' is probably the wrong way to describe it.  The ships have  'jump power' value that grows a a speed relative to the ships engine power/mass ratio.   At max power the ship can perform 2 jumps in succession, but there is a several seconds gap between triggering the jump and it actually taking place.  This typically takes some time though...'tactical jumping'  is meant to be a key element of the gameplay...


The problem i'm having is finding a relevant reason to make the normal concepts of territory control work here.  One thing i'm starting to think is I've made the planets too plentiful to have any real value.   I am also thinking i need something other then planets to occupy some of that space....but what?   Stations don't really count,  I have asteroid maps but that's not really the same thing. 

In Topic: Space RTS design quandary!

09 February 2014 - 06:53 PM

Nomadic concept Is something I been playing at.   The fundamental issue is what justification  enemy strong-points/defends an area beyond it's simply a base location(kinda circular reasoning there) .  With instant travel one patch of space is as valuable as the next(or planet for that matter)  I had been keeping the resource/economy  aspect to a min as long term settlement/control of area outside the immediate solar system would require more planning(systems) and system resources(CPU/RAM) then any tablet will have anytime soon.     


Battles on planets/inside atmospheres  is not gona happen in this game,  perhaps  bombardment ala Sins of a Solar Empire(seriously, if you own the space above the planet, the ones below are helpless).


All this adds up to toying with the idea of dumping 'stations' as a whole, but moving to re-purposed and scavenged civilian craft that act as temporary bases while a planet is mined/food grown or whatever-.   Perhaps a ship would redeploy, and reconfigure itself into a base/construction yard ect... 


Just had a thought though.....  Perhaps ships can only be built in area designated  lagrange points?  These could be rare enough to make them strategics locations away from planets themselves.    


More footage BTW-


What might not have been apparent int he other video was the player created nature of the ships themselves, and the 'solar region' setup.  Right now it's not live but the idea is that the battle space you currently occupy is one of nine  in each solar system,  but the other regions will continue to operate in a reduces simulation mode alongside the current area.   

In Topic: JUST quit my job to go full time Indie

14 December 2013 - 04:39 AM

Congrats man! All the best to your endeavors :-)