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#5079022 2D Digital artist (vector/pixel) with loads of freelance experience strugglin...

Posted by on 19 July 2013 - 03:33 PM

One question here though.

I see you are specializing in pixel art (albeit relatively highrez one).

Surely you realize the strain this might put on potential employers?

To a lot of them, pixelart is 'fancy' but something they generally can't afford.

How long do you reckon these illustrations have taken to do?

How long would they take if they weren't pixel based (sketched and then colored for example)?


A lot of independent developers I've seen still walk the line of pixel art, because (like me) they enjoy the end result. They believe there is a lot to the graphical quality and feel of pixel art. I've however seen larger developer shun pixelart in fear of budget. The argument was that it is a low ROI art style, and I don't think there's any disputing this.

(In fact, I recently had to argue upstairs (and lose) to make a game in pixel art rather than straightforward sketching/polishing).


Perhaps it would be wise to showcase your ability to do other styles, pushing forward your illustration skills with classic techniques (sketching for example).

Some employers will definitely be looking for an efficient artist (one that can get the job done well enough, fast enough) and though no one has probably said so this far, as a potential employer, I could consider your focus on pixel art to be a flaw as it could heavily decrease the profitability of my games (and these devs are in business for profit).


Good luck.


I would consider this a larger problem if my portfolio solely focused on pixel art, or was made up of a majority of pixel art, but there is much much more vector art in my portfolio. I've been attempting to fill most of my portfolio with contracted work, which does make up the majority of it, and is mostly vector. I should think that most people would realize that while I can do pixel art, which does take more time, I am also very proficient with simple vector graphics, which do not.


That being said, I do agree that I could use some more variety and process work to show my ability to work quickly.


From the looks of your art, you could probably also go for concept artist positions.


I've considered this, though to be perfectly honest I don't feel comfortable in photoshop or digital painting skills to go this route yet. I am currently trying to better myself as a digital painter (I just picked up a Wacom finally), but have not yet produced work I feel is of high enough quality to place next to the rest of my work in my portfolio.