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#5078575 The Beginner Wall

Posted by on 17 July 2013 - 04:14 PM

Hello GameDev!


I need some advice and guidance.

I'm 17 years of age, please do not stop reading because of that.

I live in Belgium and have been a game fan since the early years, not a game fan as in playing the games,

I was amazed by how it was done, and always wanted to know how it was done.


At the age of about 13 I started small, I made Runescape Private Servers with some friends.

The programming language was Java, so I got the hang of that. A year or 2 ago I moved to Minecraft plugins, which is also in Java.


Around that time I also tried out UDK, Unity, 3Ds Max and Maya. I sticked to Unity and 3Ds max, I prefer those since they're very user-friendly and I feel that they fit the way I work better than the other programs.


Now, about what I need advice on.

I am passionate about learning, I give up sleep just to learn more.

I did a lot of beginner tutorials on Unity and 3Ds Max, I even got a subscription on the digital-tutors website.

The thing is, there's beginner, and there's advanced. There is no inbetween.


The advanced things in unity and 3Ds Max are pretty complicated to me, and I just can't find any inbetween learning.

I just keep doing the basics over and over again, it never progresses. The advanced things are just too complicated, and the beginner things are getting too easy. I'm wondering, how do you get past the wall of beginner?


I'm also trying to work out if it is possible to create a game with a lot of players (MMOlike) in Unity without the use of SmartFoxServer.


Thank you.