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In Topic: [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

04 March 2014 - 01:50 PM

Hey guys!


I have been very hard at work on updating the demo. So much has been added/modified that to list it all would require a blog entry of some sort :P
So what's been going on? Well...
-I've been fine tuning the demo to ensure it reaches a high quality!
-I've been running processor testing for various Android devices including the OUYA
-I have been pursuing porting the game to the GameStick as well.
-I have pretty much confirmed porting to the Ouya and GameStick with only a few things left to do
-Sprited every single tile in the game
-And all of the enemies as well!
-Preparing for the KickStarter campaign
-Preparing the Business. UK business stuff is pretty difficult in some places.
-Bug fixing and tweaking
-Working on the Website
-Public art as well!
-A trailer (coming soon...)
-The list goes on and on!
The new demo will most likely be the last before the KickStarter campaign. I want to knuckle down and finish up the demo, finish the website. There is a list of things I need to do. Will I make it? Let's hope so!

In Topic: [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

23 February 2014 - 01:29 PM

I know C++ but I chose Game Maker for portability. Game Maker allows me to port to Android/OUYA/GameStick very easily as well as develop for Windows/Linux/iOS. Yes it could be argued that I am missing out on the Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft consoles. But based on the fact that you need licenses and equipment that is way out of my price range, it seems pointless to put myself through the stress of developing in C++ when the outcomes will not be any different just on different platforms.


I choose my tools for what they are needed for. I may have found a solution around the operating systems though.


In other news...



So what has been going on this week? Well there has been a few things going on. The KickStarter preparation is nearing completion. All that remains is to finish the demo's sound effect implementation, finalize the target we want to reach, complete the trailer. Stuff like that!


As well as that, I've been doing some extreme productivity. Every tileset for this game has now been sprited. Over the course of this week, a whopping 750 tiles have been sprited. And now I am spriting every single enemy in the game. So far 70% of the enemies have been sprited. All of this in a single week!


What else? Well there was the trailer, making communication with the JRPG community. The list goes on and on.


I would like to point out that the next version will require the save files to be started again. I found a bug in the save file code. Has to be a bit of bad news.


Expect a new version by the end of this week! With fixes, adjustments and graphical upgrades again

In Topic: [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

12 February 2014 - 11:48 AM

Hey guys,
It's been over a week and a new version has been added! So what has been going on? I've had reviewers go over the demo, finding any faults and fixing the faults. Strangely most of it wasn't to do with gameplay itself. In fact, the only gameplay crits I had was from a hater of JRPGs. Now there were too many adjustments to list so I'm going to list the top 5
  • Fullscreen capabilities
  • Mass Graphics Upgrade
  • Story Adjustments
  • Alerts when your characters are low on health or KO'd
  • Adjustments so another secret character can be implemented (Won't be viewable)
I should also note that as of this version, the save files from the previous version can't be used. This is because of the extra character that can be implemented. It modifies the save file drastically so PLEASE START YOUR SAVES AGAIN.
Hope you all enjoy the improvements I have made!

In Topic: [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

26 January 2014 - 03:35 PM



I tried to download your demo, it says that "it's not a valid Win32 application".


I'll look into this. What's your OS?


I'm using Windows XP.



That could be it I'm afraid. Do you have Windows 7/8 anywhere? It's an OS thing :(

In Topic: [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

26 January 2014 - 01:42 PM

I tried to download your demo, it says that "it's not a valid Win32 application".


I'll look into this. What's your OS?