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Newbie programming question (AS3 draws to "stage" as C++ draws to "?")

17 July 2013 - 08:19 PM

Hello people. Um...I'm a bit new and have been learning programming in Flash Actionscript 3.0 for some time. I dont know too much about Java and C++ (...yet) but I've noticed that the overall structure of how code is put together in Java and C++ seems somewhat similar and I've been looking into expanding/graduating to C++ or Java in the future. I've noticed that flash comes with a stage element that pretty much provides a place to blit sprites and graphics on to. This is probably a stupid question but I wanted to know if there was something similar to that in Java or C++ or just generally any other language that doesn't come with a 'stage' element like flash does. If so, how would it be done?