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Roger Debian

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In Topic: Game Designchoice

17 July 2013 - 10:57 PM

This question is not about Game Design, so I'm moving it out of the Game Design forum.

 so where you are moving it? :D



Are you a programmer?  I'm struggling with that issue myself.  


I'm a C# developer and have used C# since it first came out of beta so XNA was my first choice, but developing a game engine from scratch may be a bit more than I want to get involved in, so I am looking at Unity as well so I can focus on game design and less on having to code an entire engine from the ground up.


I think that, like development environments today, that engines like Unity will become more commonplace as they make our design work a lot easier and faster to use.


Thanks for answer, I think UNITY is the solution...