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Richards Software Ramblings > Loading an SDKMESH Model file with SlimDX

Posted 11 September 2014

Many moons ago now, I picked up a copy of HLSL Development Cookbook by Doron Feinstein. I had intended to work my way through it after I finished up Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0 , but winter and life kind of got in the way...

Another difficulty I had with this book was that the code samples made heavy use of DXUT which...

Richards Software Ramblings > Site Migration

Posted 19 July 2014

I've decided to move my blog off of Blogger. Blogger was great for getting started, but it has just become too painful to fight with going forward. I'm sick of fighting the Blogger templating to force it to display my content the way that I want it to. Blogger has a habit of absolutely mangling the html that I try to post. For posts consisting mostly of p...

Richards Software Ramblings > Clipping Lines to a Rectangle using the Cohen-Sutherland Algorithm

Posted 14 July 2014

For the last six or eight months, off and on, I’ve been trying to write some code that will create a Voronoi diagram from a set of random points, inspired by Amit Patel’s Polygonal Map Generation demo . In the last week or so, I had a bit of a break-through, in that I finally managed to get an implementation of Fortune’s Algorithm put together that wou...

Richards Software Ramblings > One Year Later…

Posted 10 July 2014

Tuesday was the anniversary of my first real post on this blog. For the most part, I’ve tried to keep my content here on the technical side of things, but, what the hell, this is a good time to reflect on a year of blogging – what went well, what went poorly, and where I’m going from here.

What I Meant to Accomplish (And What I actually Accomplished…)...

Richards Software Ramblings > Rendering Text using SlimDX SpriteTextRenderer

Posted 05 February 2014

Howdy. Today, I’m going to discuss rendering UI text using the SlimDX SpriteTextRenderer library . This is a very nifty and light-weight extension library for SlimDX, hosted on CodePlex. In older versions of DirectX, it used to be possible to easily render sprites and text using the ID3DXSprite and ID3DXFont interfaces, but those have been removed in n...